Seizures won't stop us from living life!

Raelynn has seizures every day, but that won’t stop her or our family from living life to the fullest. They’re a normal part of her life, and therefore they’re a normal …


  1. Made it to our final destination yesterday. It's funny how we talked about luggage. This trip nothing had to be moved to get out. However, I couldn't find my snacks! LOL

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  4. Thanks for sharing your family trip, so nice to see 🤗 It’s heartwarming to see such a loving family, and your kids are adorable. Don’t tell the bride but I bet Raelynn’s titanium braid was the prettiest hairdo at the wedding 😄It requires so much careful, thoughtful preparation but it’s awesome to see that Raelynn isable to be away from home and still be so well cared for 💗

  5. This video is very inspiring to me, especially today. I have a different type of seizures than Raylan, but I have them every day too. One of the things seizures can’t take away is joy. Much love and prayers for your family.💜💕

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