Seizures from Wim Hof Method?

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  1. Two minutes of Hyperventilation is a test used to attempt to trigger a seizure during epilepsy testing while undergoing an EEG. It works, 60 seconds after that part of the EEG testing a seizure was triggered for me. But I have a ABI.

  2. What I find strange is that there is a video of Wim Hof ​​online in which he lets you do the breathing process from behind your computer. If you really need professional guidance, you shouldn't post such a video.

  3. Thank you for this video, QQ for you, is it ok to do the breathing sessions (using YouTube) if you are epileptic but stay away from the cold practices?

  4. The uploader of that video later made this comment:
    "So now after posting this, it doesn’t seem like what I was doing was the correct WHM."

  5. I have epilepsy from childhood and no seizure from 6 years. I practice WHM from 15 days and i feel great all day long! I done 4 sets of 40 breaths and 2 minutes cold shower. I use WHM android app. All good here. Practice but dont force! Youre body will tell you when to slow down. Lisent to youre body. 👍

  6. Hey Jesse. I've been watching your videos for some additional guidance on top of the WHM 10 week course. I watched the first video by Wim about how to do the breathing and also an additional video that he posted on YouTube. I started the course earlier this week and the first 3 days were amazing. I would wake up at 5, do the breathing exercises, take a cold shower, and felt amazing to start the day. However, things were quite different on day 4. I didn't have time to do the exercises in the morning, so I did them when I got home from work. After the second round of breathing, I tensed up and had a seizure. I have perfect heart health, blood pressure, etc. Luckily my wife was home and noticed that I had stopped breathing and my lips turned purple, so she called 911. When I woke up from the seizure, I had no idea what was going on, as I was breathing heavily, sweating profusely, and there were paramedics and police officers in my apartment. I was taken the the ER, and thankfully all CT scans/x-rays of my brain and chest came back negative. I'm really upset that this happened because I had felt so great during the first 3 days. In your experience as a WHM teacher, have you seen students that were trying to breath too heavily/forcefully? That's the only thing that I can possibly think of that may have caused this.

  7. But one of the Yes Theory guys had some kind of seizure or fainted while doing the method with Wim Hof himself? Why? I would really like to know cuz i got scared using the method after seeing that video

  8. Thank you so much, my girlfriend mentioned to me whilst I was doing this method and she was saying I could get brain damage. I just thought scientists and professionals and even athletes are doing this method and if it was that bad these athletes would not be doing it because they are surrounded by people that keep them safe and keep them knowledgeable with there bodies. So I was really paranoid about doing this method but you have made me feel safe doing something I love doing, thank you!

  9. I watched that video, and flashing lights were used. This is well known to possibly induce a seizure in someone who has epilepsy, without any breathing exercises.

  10. When i first started whm i had seizure. Right after a cold shower in winter. My body was shaking uncontrollably on the exhale hold, i went deep and was thinking "wow this is cool." Dont get it anymore. Miss it.

  11. He’s telling everyone the person was certified but not naming the person or place. Are you saying you gathered that this person wasn’t certified because no one knew of such a class on the WHM Instructor circuit? Just wish we all had real proof to shut him down..its ridiculous he says he doesn’t want to name the place because he doesn’t want to negatively affect them yet he names WHM but describes something that isn’t the WHM…..and insists in the comments and video the individual was certified…which doesn’t seem logical given the technique and use of a strobe light…

  12. Totally agree with you! I saw that video and it was really frustrating. He is pushing a toxic narrative when he doesn't have all the right information. Such as how to do the breathing. It saddens me to see that people will listen to him (such as some commenters were saying how they are now going to stop the WFM cuz they do not want a seizure).

  13. Good to know since I have so many relatives with epilepsy. Thanks for addressing this. I think you hit it on the head with seizures. Things trigger them…headache or blood sugar flashing lights.. But if you have one with breathing…well it would help not make it worst.

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