Scotty's Animals Nails | Preventing Seizures in Guinea Pigs with Mange. |

Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue volunteer, Scotty, shows you how to prevent seizures in guinea pigs with mange. The most important thing is to wrap them up …


  1. The whole thing would have gone along a lot smoother with no chance of him scratching if you had prepped everything ahead of time ! You need to speed it up Scotty !! 💨 Thanks for doing it even so ! You are still a hero to me and the rest of the gp clan. 🦸‍♂️ Stay safe. 💌 😎 🦩

  2. Guinea pigs are so dumb they’re good for Snake/Hawk food and nothing else. I’m sure most veterinarians care about any animal but a lot of them must be like ‘A guinea pig? Seriously? You want surgery on a tailless rat?’

  3. I'm here for the….. 4th time i think. To see the improvements in Nails, you are an amazing care giver. Nails is a testament to your love, shiny, happy and full of sillies 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  4. So question my Guinea has had monthly ish regular fits/seizures since we brought him home. Nothing to so with mites as no scabs, scratching or bleeding, been treated for that already and no difference. I have four pigs in the same room too and none of the others have these issues.

    Fit description: Guinea pig will run in one direction blindly, hitting objects and walls in the process. He kind of thrashed around? His eyes will fill with the white cleaning fluid. When removed from the pen and he calms down the fitting will stop, but he becomes limp and unresponsive for a while, if I release him from being held he will just slowly walk forward and fall down.

    Eventually he comes round after I make him drink some water and sit with him.

    I've tried different foods and different vets, he drinks water and has no other issues

  5. What benedryl is it? Im looking after.. Day 2 now, a guinea that was handed to me with mange mites. Benedryl must help but i dont know which it is im in New Zealand. Im going to make a wrap, and get some if possible.

  6. My guinea pig i already have I had for 4 months had ear mites and then went to the vet and got treated for it and I got another one 17 days ago and has mites I think but it’s around his eye he’s going to the vet Friday and they are in the Midwest cage together but with the divider so the other guinea pig won’t touch his eye

  7. Hey Scottie,
    Youre an awesome carer. The piggies in ur care are very lucky. It seems like little Nail's nails are pretty long and sharp. Is there a reason why it wasnt cut yet?

  8. Hey Scotty, Can you please give us all an update on Nails. I havent been able to stop thinking about that sweet boy since i saw the rescue video.. Hoping he is feeling lots better. Huggles

  9. Good Job Scotty…you have a wrapped.. oops I mean warped sense of humor lol. He looked so skinny unwrapped with his fur all compressed…😢. Poor baby! Your doing a great job though…keep up the good work.

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