Recreational marijuana in NYS? Governor Cuomo calls for legalizing it

Cuomo is now urging legislators to make legalizing marijuana a priority in New York, even though he offered no details of how it might work.


  1. Come on already let's be real we talkin about pot not heroin or coke and it's not a gateway drug and if you legalize it it keeps it off the streets so the kids can't sell in school or get a hold of it it makes sense come on already and if the New Yorkers can't get it they will go to Massachusetts or New Jersey or anywhere else so it's New York loss If You Don't Legalize It it's not a big deal you do it move on treated like alcohol you buy it you go home your mind your business it's common sense obviously you Meatheads never smoked it when you were younger it does nothing to you

  2. I drink only water. I was able to stop smoking cigarettes 5 years ago with the help of cannabis. I eat healthy food most of the time. I don't eat meat as often as I used too. I try to lead a healthy life because, cannabis taught me the legal stuff is unhealthy. Sugar,caffeine, alcohol, and junk food among other stuff are the things that should be demonized. Cannabis is a proven medicine. No doubting anymore

  3. that woman is a stale old b@tch and runs a failed program like DARE. stop lying to people about it. Oxycontin is a gateway. alcohol is a gateway. cigarettes are just plain lethal

  4. Smh….maybe she should try smoking some. Who cares if it is money thing. Weed is always going to be around..just about everyone smokes it. So why wouldn't they legalize and tax it to make money? They need to make money back from having these people locked up on these retarded weed charges for years.

  5. I'll b 21 in March iv been smoking since 13 for for mental health issues and iv never tried other drugs same with my bros and friends I was not raised to throw away my life

  6. Gateway drug? Teens will do it anyway legally or not. Anyone over 21 should be able to buy it legally. I don't agree to smoking and driving just like alcohol but for recreational use it's not that serious wake up people. legalize it tax it and use the money for something useful like fixing the subway's, bridges and roads.

  7. Cuomo is a gangster and nothing more. He wants to legalize cannabis because he and his cronies are in position to make money from it. New York State taxes are only second to California. Cuomo is a gangster.

  8. Let's analyze her arguments. Marijuana is considered, by her, to be a gateway drug and should be illegal based on the possibility a person may try another drug. Based on this premise, alcohol should most definitely be illegal because most people who try other drugs have, without a doubt, drank alcohol. Let's look at her second argument which begins with her statement "unless you live under a rock, you understand that it's going to be accessible to kids under 21". Therefore according to her logic, alcohol should be illegal because most people had their first taste of alcohol before the age of 21. Lastly, she asserts that the only reason Cuomo is legalizing marijuana is that "there's money to be made". She failed to mention that 60% of Americans support the legalization of marijuana and over 63% of New Yorkers support legalization, therefore her claim that it is all about the money fails. It's about the will of the people, something that she is willing to ignore.

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