Populum Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture – Leafly Reviews

Leafly’s Lifestyle Editor Emily Resling unboxes Populum’s recently rebranded line of CBD Hemp Oil. While the packaging has gotten an update, what’s inside is …


  1. The host for this video is well spoken and gotten all the major points I particuarly would like to know and didnt think I wanted to know. Seems that she is well educated in area of hemp/marijuana/cannabinoids related topics. I would like to see more of her in future videos.

  2. Im glad the CBD market is exploding, but I sincerely hope the higher potentcies drastically reduces in price soon, as the lower ones do almost nothing for me for pain. I have a 600mg green mountain bottle and use 10-20mg per serving and I dont notice a thing other than my blood sugar being improved, but im gonna keep taking it regardless.

  3. Just a heads up because lots of people on the internet lie and claim "CBD only comes from Medical Marijuana and not hemp!"

    CBD from hemp and CBD from marijuana are EXACTLY the same molecule structurally and chemically. Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis; same plant!

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