Plant Therapy Full Spectrum CBD Oil Review

We’re taking a look at Plant Therapy’s 500mg and 1500mg Full Spectrum CBD oil. ▻ Plant Therapy: BuzWeaver on BitChute: …


  1. see I have the rheumatoid arthritis in my neck because my spine is the wrong direction at the top I have it in my right knee along with osteoarthritis in my right knee from an accident when I was a kid and then I also have rheumatoid arthritis in my right ankle due to an accident as a kid so besides that I do deal with anxiety disorder bipolar depression but I really don't deal with much of those anymore I take my own meds so I'm pretty balanced on that but I do deal with chronic migraines a lot a lot of pain from my sinuses when it comes to headaches the pressure in my eyes is also really high and I get checked every 6 months for risk of glaucoma so I probably deal with something that I maybe need a little bit more than the 500 but I started at the 500

  2. I started using the red strain pills 500ml work really well. I started with the King Royal. Any comments on that one ? sitting at home working in a chair all day

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