Old Furniture Makeover DIY | Country Chic Paint & Hemp Oil

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  1. I love the color and the mix of wood and paint on this item. I want to find a dresser to do the exact same finish for my spare room. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. The reason your drawers do not match is that the two top drawers are called serpentine and usually verenered because it can be curved. The bottom drawer is probably solid wood. The wood is oak. But the wood that you want to whitewash all need to be stripped completely of their finish and sanded very well. Be careful not to sand through the vener which the top two drawers probably are. The 1900's which is when this dresser was made. Thousands through the sears robuck co. Vener back then was quality as it was cut of the fancy grain woods and was applied over plain grain. Usually 1/8 to 1/4 inch thickness. Pine furniture is better suited to whitewash or woods that have not been stained dark. That particular dresser is all the oak, just different grains because of the vener, and flat cut woods, makes them look like different woods. There are and were pieces made of different woods, but they were stained very dark and color was combined with the stain to mask this. In some instances, when the stain was removed, the finish had been applied to look like wood grain. This was fine to lesser grades of woods. Poplure wood was one of these and ash wood, as they had little to not much natural grainimg.

  3. Those keyholes come out..they can be polished up and put back in! Take a screw driver and insert it into the hole and slant it and pull the keyhole out. If that does not work then take a thin putty knife and gently insert around the outside edges. Then gently grasp with a pair of plyers. I was a furniture refinisher and did hundreds of these. After they are cleaned, spray with a clear finish before reinserting them. Sand paper scratches them. Voila!

  4. I love the attention to detail on this piece. It turned out beautiful. ♥️
    We have an antique sideboard that is similar to this (the detailing on the sides and the age). We have noticed some smells outside and in since it was stored for a long time (neglected) by family. Do you have any recommendations on what do about the inside of it?

  5. My first thought was……"wait! she's not adding water to the paint!"….and the second, of course…."I need that brush!". I was originally not sure I would like the extra white wash because I liked the light coating. But the painted top drawers and darker white wash bottoms look amazing.

  6. Christina, as a fellow Tennessean, I’m curious how you store your paints each season and any tips on painting in cold winters and humid summers. I’m new to watching you; do you generally paint in the garage?

  7. Had a ? It says it’s a all in one paint and has a top coat in it so I just wondered was there a reason you added another one I would like to buy this paint so just want to make sure I get it right
    Thank you

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