1. No this is America you do not have any rights unless you pay the federal government to have those rights. Including the right to smoke a plant. This is America land of the slaves home of the snakes.

  2. Only the Government in Oklahoma would know how to take a good thing like MMJ and screw it up trying to ban smokeable MJ then when that didnt go through they just say tax the shit out of all these stoners and make it where they cant buy it. Pretty sure the tax money funds education and we know teachers in this state need that money (gotta pay outragous prices for their meds now) but how can you do that when your trying to destroy the industry? Oklahoma didnt have enough money to fund education before pot, destroy this million dollar industry and there goes all hope for good teachers, clean schools, and safe calssrooms for our kids.

  3. The state of Oklahoma is fighting hard as hell for people to consume a plant but push dangerous drugs daily. It’s clear that they don’t want this to get in the way of their garbage killer drugs. They want patients treated to dead and not cured and heeled and they want billions while doing it. Way to go killer Oklahoma. It’s the major corporations putting this money into the governments pocket to push their agenda as usual

  4. Here in Midwest City it is pretty bad. People are coming to a patients house and driving them crazy. In one incident a patient had to quit smoking their medication because it was not safe. After that somehow they knew and they were calling her telling her they were gonna come and confiscate it. Someone takes over or hacks your phone when you call for help and the Midwest City police definitely the dispatcher is attacking patients. We don't know if they are hackers or not. But there is a big movement to just cause patients harm here and right now the criminals and black gangs are there main instrument. Also a very hostile approach here from Tinker Air base and federal agencies toward Medical Marijuana patients. Stalking the restrooms of patients homes and tracking them inside their home and letting them know it. What ever classification of stalking that is. I'm not sure. Also they have been ramping up this testing lie. I remember about 4 years ago I was not a patient and it was this same game they are playing now. They say theyr'e gonna do it and don't. It's like some of the news here just drops away and later pick up on the same lie. There are dispensaries here that people have to go to because it is close. There have been accounts of people saying they will poison people at these Del City dispensaries by varying from Outlaw biker gangs there. Corrupt cops who scandal with the women who run it. They do act odd at this dispensary and try to show your Medical card to people it their outside lobby or carry out there and you don't know what they are doing with it. This has happened to several people who have gone there and we do not know if they close up and reopen. It also said that they might poison people for Tinker. People have reported these places and it ends up dropping out. The fact is we just do not know. And with the character we have seen and expressed from these dispensary employees indicates it could be so or they are playing with us. They're also trying to sell us the BS saying if you say anything about this dispensary the bikers have lawyers that are so good that can just do it and because you said something no one can stop it. I believe that was the FBI that said that. That alone shows a mentality more towards extremism in my opinion. 6017486 is the number they are calling me from right now. A (405) number. They are calling themselves "Sanctuary". Or saying this is "Sanctuary" and my phone is being taken over even with cellular data turned off. And the 4g is changed in appearance.

  5. Good for her!!!!!! Stand up OKLAHOMA!!!! I am in severe pain and no cure. I will have my card in 2 weeks. I have already heard how much they are charging these patients. Many patients are on disability and they more than likely don’t have money to be charged so much in tax/. As far as the dispensery are be charged sooooo much and they will go under and that is a damn shame. They are nickel and dime them to death and I am glad for the law suit! Someone needs to stand up! My pain doctor which also is a surgeon had referred me to get a card and he will still treat me with pain meds until we see how cannabis. IT IS A DAMN PLANT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!! I am sure BIG PHARMA AKA THE BIGGEST DRUG DEALERS ON THE DAMN PLANET NOT HAPPY! So they double tax alcohol? NO! And this is medicine!!!!! No taxes on opioids but double on a damn plant! Good grief!! Do we really need to have all this over a plant? People are dying on opioids! Over 77,000 deaths of opioids in 2017 in USA only. My doctor said if I no longer need opioids than that is goal. He is a smart man and knows the facts and evidence how good cannabis is good for pain and inflammation which is what I have. I want to grow it but in the beginning go to the dispensary until I am educated. They keep it up and people will it buy it black market. Real smart Oklahoma! . Keep going attorney!!!!!!!

  6. Couldn’t agree more with the tax! It’s killing me as a patient! It’s hard to afford the medicine I actually need because of the double tax.
    Thank you for standing up for us! Keep fighting!

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