Nu-X CBD Disposable CBD Pen 150mg Review

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  1. This company sucks. I’ve been ordering from them regularly for almost 6 months and every few orders one seems to just disappear. They charge me for it but never ship it, and not for the second time I’m having to call their customer service number for their parents company because they don’t respond to emails. TERRIBLE BUSINESS MODEL. Not to mention their vape pen sucks and the first time order disappeared they offered to send me a free one for my trouble which never happened either.

  2. I’m trying this product now. I’m going through a domestic violence situation and just got out of it and have been feeling suicidal like my life is over and I’m not going to make it. I’ve been puffing on this and I feel like I can move forward. I’m relaxed and will be buying more of this product.

  3. The OG Kush one tastes like a stale piece of mint chewing gum that was left wrapped in plain white printing paper for a few days.. then throwing away the gum and eating the paper once it’s dried up. Yum.

  4. Hi!! How many puffs do you get with one pen? How many puffs would you say is the therapeutic dose? Just trying to figure how long a pen would last me. I’ve been using the tincture and I use 2 ml and that makes me super chill.

  5. they aren’t flavors bro, they are terpenes. they aren’t necessarily there for the flavor, it’s for additional therapeutic effects. each “flavor” is actually a strain specific blend that each give you a different effect. that is why they are pricier.

  6. Once you said these changed the game for you, I had to go check out the price. Once I saw the price, I paused the video and stoped watching lol. $20 for a .5ml pen. I know CBD is suppose to be expensive……but that is ridiculous. Nu-X is basically the Juul of the CBD market. Yeah you can find cheaper options elsewhere. But why lower your price and try to compete when people are willing to pay you more for the same quality product anyways lol.

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