elfcosmetics #fullspectrumcbdcollection #elfskincare NEW E.L.F. COSMETICS FULL SPECTRUM CBD COLLECTION + GIVEAWAY In today’s video, I will be …


  1. I’m trying out my first cbd skincare item and I really like it so far. I got it from influenster. It’s made by Perricone and is supposed to soothe moody skin, which I have. Can’t wait to see how you feel about these products!!💛💛💛

  2. So I looked up reviews on the cbd skincare line, and I thought let’s go with this one. Giiiirlllll your personality and overall vibe was amazing. You got a subscriber. ❤️

  3. New subbie 🥰 I so want this collection that’s why I watched your video. The thing I liked the most was the body moisturizer and the facial oil, but maybe I will get myself the whole set.
    IG: @beerchica

  4. I’ve literally just started watching you a few days ago and I already love you!! I have been wanting to get my hands on these products I love e.l.f. So much. Best way to contact me is instagram: messed_up_since_2003

  5. This CBD collection looks superb! Nevertheless, I haven’t tried a single thing out of this collection because I thought that CBD can make you intoxicated (LOL). HAHAHA. But, looking at your video, I think it is actually good and contrary to what I was thinking. Thank you so much for that clarification. Here is to hoping I could win this collection—> 🤞🏽INSTAGRAM: @jillianpantig

  6. I have never tried CBD skincare, but am so interested to do so. Thank you for bringing it to your channel!!! Please Enter Me into this giveaway. I am subscribed, liked this video and am following you on Twitter and Instagram!!! You are so sweet, kind and beautiful inside and out. Thank you, Stay Safe and I’ll see you in your next video!!!
    Twitter. RobinBell6
    Instagram. Roses4girls01

  7. So YASSS.. I'm super excited! I have never tried a CBD product in my whole life. I have CBD gel tabs I have topical creams I have samples of lotions. And other facial products but I have never tried them because I was waiting to hear back from my doctor, and guess what… She said it would be fine if I use these yay I'm super happy… Just as soon as I can get my hands on some coun I will be definitely trying some out somehow someway my butt is going to get CBD hydration! That facial oil is what has got me excited! And a body cream go girl yay for Elf! Please let me know if the facial oil causes any breakouts. That's what I'm most afraid of but my skin needs it so badly however I have to be careful because my skin especially my face for some reason just doesn't take to a lot of things, and then I end up breaking out. So please let me know how this works Jaz will you? If you experience any breakouts or what not. Anyway do you think you can enter me into this giveaway I would really appreciate it. And you can reach me on IG at @stephwhitma
    As always… Much love😘

  8. Its not available in some states ..LMAFO its skincare its not gonna get you high😂 you look so cute in your little green turbie thing. So excited to see this and what its about. I am excited would love to try this I have had some cbd items before but none that stands out rite now that I can think of but I do like cbd orally it helps anxiety pain and sleep so I'm down for the CBD
    IG heather32681

  9. I love CBD skincare so much by just watching some reviews, i love skincare and so i have always wanted to try this product I hope that i can win this and experience this❤️❤️❤️i love this video!
    IG: @kylie.kayky
    love u xoxo

  10. I can't wait to try this new collection! I'll definitely try to get my hands on it next week I get paid.😭😭
    Your skin looks so good Jaz! You're glowing queen <3 We love affordable skincare! Yes, we're taking care of our skin this year✨💫🙌 sending positive vibes your way, love, and supporting you from Los Angeles, CA 💖✨

  11. Hello miss🍯 wow wow wow look at that size its huge i really want to try the eye cream girl my eyes are like 200 years old thank you for the video love it and you are 100%right we all need to take care of our skin these days we need a little extra something love ya girl 🥰🥰😘😘😘

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