My 4 year old daughter has multiple Seizures | How to deal with a child that has Seizures

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  1. Then when my baby girl was 1 yr and 3 mths she had them again and this one was longer than 5 mins. So we rushed her to ER and yet she was told that she had reach a complex seizure which she was on the ventilator and is barely breathing which she was helpless at the moment. So they took her to the ICU, and yet she again had seizures which came to the point that she was onto couple of seizure medications.. and that time I was experiencing a lot of difficulty mentally seeing your baby lying there helpless. So in almost a month and a half she was still there until middle of the month and she was put in the pediatric ward on observation..and was tested for many types of bacteria or viruses.

  2. Hey girl! I understand how you feel..I have a baby girl who has daughter has been suffering a lot of this condition since she was born. She was born premature and she started having seizures when she was only 5 mths then it continue to 6,7,8, and 9 mths. At 9 mths we almost lost her but thankfully she was ok.. then it relapse again when she was 12 mths.

  3. I couldn't ever handle seeing my child in a state like this. Props to you for staying so strong and making this video for people with seizures, poor thing I hope she gets better sending love and prayers 💕🙏

  4. So happy you caught this. You are a true Mama warrior!! I had seizures as a child for many years. I was able to come off meds at 17 and have been seizure free for almost 20 years. I even was allowed a drivers license when I was 21. There is hope. Stay strong!!

  5. Ask theme to prescribe you an alarm pad. It goes under the sheets and it can pick up on any weird movement and it'll sound an alarm. Also, get a portable 02 sat and hr monitor prescribed. She can wear it looks like a bandaid and have her wear it when she sleeps! That way you can track, monitor, jot down every episode since their o2 will drop during each one. The pulse/ox machine will alarm if it gets below 90%. There's also a sock she can wear that monitors their breathing! Not to overwhelm you but get some seizure bumper pads for the sides of the bed, crib, etc to protect them as well! Prayers your way! I know how hard it is to remain strong while facing the unknown. God has His mighty hands wrapped around yall tight. 🖤

  6. Yes! My son had seizures mainly when he was asleep, just waking up, or was overly tired or stressed! They tested his seizure genes in his DNA sequencing and he had a mutated CHRNB2 seizure gene! It causes frontal lobe nocturnal seizures!!! Those doctors thought I was crazy telling them his seizures pretty much always only happened around sleep or him being sleepy! When they seen the results out of the test they were blown away!!! It's worth asking for the test and 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  7. I'm soo glad that she is doing better on the medication and that you caught it when you did when she gose back to school make sure the school knows what was happening with her over the summer and too keepa close eye on her at all times please keep us updated on her progress

  8. I did have an MRI myself and it's best she's asleep because they slide your into a very close, tight tunnel. Nobody could be in the room because of radiation. I was afraid but I left my eyes closed the entire time. A child would be too terrified. I just say that to say that it's best for her to be asleep. I wish nothing but blessings for your family.

  9. This is important to know. I can't imagine how hard it was to have the presence of mind to record her seizures. She seems like a happy little girl and my prayers out to you for her health.

  10. Praying for your family 🙏🙏🙏 and your baby girl and thank you so so much for sharing with us because you really inspired me to sure my daughter story as well she has a different a type of seizures it's call epilepsy I have her sleep with me to as well so I feel you me and my family are praying for your baby girl and family

  11. Oh my God. I pray we can find out what is causing it. The doctors always say they don't know but something has to be triggering it. I just pray for perfect health for her.

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