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NEY — Medical marijuana and the Ney Park were two of several topics of discussion by Ney Village Council during its meeting Wednesday evening.

Mayor Tom Vance told council a message was left at his office about someone wanting to open a medical marijuana dispensary in the village. Council members expressed their opposition to the idea, and asked Vance to speak with attorney Steve Hubbard, who serves as solicitor of the village.

“We would like to talk to Steve to see if there is an ordinance that can be passed, or to see what we can do, to not allow that in the village,” said Vance.

Discussion was heard about speaking with the Defiance County Park Board, which oversees Ney Park, about the village taking control of the park.

“We would like to know if the board would be interested in giving control of the park to the village,” said Vance. “We’ve always raised money to maintain the park, we used private funds and grant money to build the splash pad through the hard work of our Ney Park Board. We feel if the village had control, it would give us more oversight to how it looks and how it’s maintained.”

Zoning issues were also discussed, specifically about a resident who has a metal storage trailer on his property. Vance shared he was told it would be moved in a certain amount of time, but now council is seeking more clarification about what it can do to enforce problems like this now, and into the future.

In his report, Greg Crites, head of maintenance, water and sewer, and streets in the village, shared new sand was put in the filter beds of the village water filtration system, to better filter the water passing through the system.

In October, council discussed Crites, who is set to retire in February. At that meeting, Vance explained he spoke with Andrew Carlin, owner of Carlin Honey, about filling the position.

On Wednesday, the members of council met with Carlin about the position, but no action was taken. More discussion will take place in the near future.

Finally, council discussed the possibility of purchasing an abandoned house that is in disrepair from a Ney resident. The city would like to purchase it and tear it down, however, the village will need to check into what funds would be available to do so.

Council tasked Vance to check into it, and to bring that information to the December meeting.

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