Medical marijuana could still cost you your job in Illinois

The ABC7 I-Team examines drug testing at the workplace and the ‘cloud of confusion’ over legal marijuana use. FULL STORY:


  1. It Baffles me of the amount of Marijuana consumption alone in the U.S Cuz I remember visiting my grandparents in Mex and there were Neighbors of my grandparents that Cultivated this plant and had Acres of weed but most of them didn’t even smoke weed which crazy because by all means all they need to is just roll up right there and then, it’s just funny how Americans make to much of just a High. My grandfather would tell me get High On Life Not on the plants our ancestors so Cherished.

  2. See some of the 420 smokers probably won't read or watch this. And therefore you'll still be criminalized one way or another. Don't let these government officials fool you!! Alcohol was done the same way and get DUI/DWI everyday because they thought alcohol was no longer illegal. Catch 22🚨

  3. The Dutch Government has put someone under hypnosis against his will, because of some weird psychological experiment. They also let him sleep badly. I always wondered why that is never in the news because it must stop immediately.

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