1. I really liked High Country, I get why people who like the old stuff don't though. Warp Riders is really good as well. I think a lot of people our age, as they mature and see the world in its current state, are returning to Christ and it's leaking into their art.

  2. You just got married! Don’t think about switching to monastic life yet.God has a lot to change in you through your spouse if you let HIm.

    I do not understand the push to call
    Monastic ending of marriage the best, and I don’t think the majority of orthodox ( now or in the past) marriages reflect that.

  3. I keep hearing the tale "we moved somewhere out of state because someone promised me a job and we got ghosted." Over and over again. It's a really scary Situation to be in, and some people are left homeless from such an offer.

  4. I've never thought about becoming a monastic in my later years or co Ed monastic with my husband. It's an intriguing idea and I'm gonna have pose it to my husband and see what he thinks. It sounds great to me .

  5. Hey brother Augustine, I remember first coming across your channel through your video on the 9th hour prayer but I can't seem to find it anymore, where did it go?

  6. 7:23 Used clothing on the floor is the backup plan. If you put it in the laundry basket, it's too stinky to wear because all the smells get compressed into a small space. On the floor, you can still dig up a pair of pants or a shirt if you end up burning through your clean stash for whatever reason.

  7. You got a point about the harm of smoking Canibus,but you could agure the same thing agaisnt wine harming the liver.The medcinal aspect of Canibus is definitely a positive thing for some.Personaly it is helpful for me and does not get in the way of my spirituality(as long as I don't abuse it),however If I drink at all it really stirs up the darkness in me.Like you said it really depends on brain chemistry.But it seems like most people see a 6 pack of beers is ok but smoking a joint somehow isn't.

  8. Becoming monastics would not work for us. Raising kids in a that extensively satanic world is so time consuming that once our kids are grown up they'll need us for our grandkids, and since we met each other so old aged, we will probably not be alive once our grandchildren are old enough to not need us anymore.
    But you will be perplexed by how enlightening becoming and being a father is, both intellectually but much more so spiritually.

    I'm so glad for you two you found a woman to marry! God bless!

  9. Parents of saint Nino also became monastics together. They left 7 year old Nino to her uncle and went together in desert. Their marriage lead them to it. Some say true orthodox marriage in the end will lead you and your partner to monastic life.

  10. It looks like you got married and went to the desert together, you will thrive if you put comfort aside and focus on Ephesians 5 : 21-33 . Learn to live with less, throw away what is not absolutely necessary (material and immaterial), becoming one flesh takes its time, but it is easier if you submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.

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