1. Hey I've been smoking weed since 7 years now and i stopped gaining weight. I really wanna know how to really gain weight whilst smoking joints everyday. weed makes me happy and hungry, yes i eat a lot after every j but my body is stuck in its shape and does not change and this is a real problem coz i cannot go to the Doc and say yo i can't stop smoking my weed but wtf can i do to gain weight .

  2. I started smoking heavily again and I lost 10 pounds in like 2 weeks lmao. I did change my diet a tiny bit tho but I know weed can help with weight lost for sure. Weed is such an amazing thing

  3. I have lost about 100lbs after staring MMJ in about one year. My a1c went from over 11.down to 5.7. My doctor said I didn't have diabetes anymore.

  4. I lost 15 pounds when I quit weed and most people in MA and the sober apps lose weight when they stop
    I gained when I quit nicotine.
    Getting that off currently

  5. The good news about cannabis keeps coming!!..what a god send….our government must be mentally retarded to have ever vlified this herb…yet thinks nothing about selling alcohol and tobacco

  6. @anabolicaliens : I have used marijuana for like 8 years now. I am a Daily heavy user.all time high from 8 years. I had affected my digestive mechanism. Now I don't get hunger without weed. And I cannot eat without high. And I have to wait for like 30-40 minutes after a joint so that I can eat.

  7. I started smoking weeks at age 40 and I have never felt so good in my life and I’m loosing weight, that’s not why I do it….it helps me relax but I have to hide from my kids

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