Light Cycles for Growing Cannabis, Fully Explained

Light cycles for growing cannabis are important when growing cannabis indoors. In this video, we explain what are light cycles, why growers use them, and …


  1. really days get longer and your cannabis will germinate. don’t u think it’d be helpful to say with 18 hours of light or 20 hours instead of 10 minutes of just talking talking talking. jeezum crow

  2. I just subscribed to your channel.Im a new grower and I'm actually scared and a little intimidated.NY state just legalized marijuana and I can LEGALLY grow up to 6 plants..but I'm already having grow issues…I ordered a mars hydro kit from amazon and waiting for it to arrive.I started 3 plants from seeds and got them growing but I have the tall and skinny issue right now because of using the sun for a light source.

  3. What's the point of having 24 hour of light on autos? I thought the main reason for autos is that they flower without getting the needed light in regular Cannabis? How does that work?

  4. I just started mine, using your video as a guide line. Could not be happier with the results, thank you for that, I was thinking on doing a video showing the results due to the educational video you made.
    Chi Miiqwetch Percy

  5. Everyone grows clones on an 18 hr cycle…when you set them out in spring/may its a 13 hr light cycle outdoors. They go into flower…..however i have done this before 18 hr to 13 hr cycle but the clones were new. Right off cloner and into garden with good result. So why is this. What should be done about this time diferential. 18hr comercial grown clone. Into outdoor garden in spring with 13 hr outdoor light cycle?

  6. Incredible guide. I’m growing 1st time and I’m very lucky to watch your video…
    I literally turned on my grow light for the 1st time and didn’t fully understand what I was doing until I searched YouTube and came across your video.
    Very clearly explained, no wasted words..
    you rock. Subbed!

  7. Very helpful information, brilliant indeed, now I am on the 4th week of veg running 18/6 from 6am lights on till midnight off, can I now go from to 9pm till 9am lights on for the 12/12 period of flower for the next 8 weeks or so with out stressing the plants by switching on at night like you suggest ? Thanks much

  8. I was really wanting to know about this exact subject thank you. I have autos going into flower. And 3 are being females not in flower so I don't know what to do. What, maybe just leave it alone? 🤔

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