1. I have to disagree with Shkreli here. I have and continue to experience significant medical benefits from marijuana, particularly for work-related stress.
    TC: 180k

  2. Don't smoke weed often, maybe once every couple of months, but it definitely has more benefits beyond epilepsy that Martin ignores. Stuff like stimulating hunger, settling the stomach and pain relief. All things I've used it for. I have a legit back condition and sometimes when I get home from work my back is in extreme pain. Hurts to sit, stand, lay, anything. Smoking helps with it.

  3. man that last caller was clearly a stoner that doesnt want to admit that marijuana has risks and side effects like any drug and needs to be studied much more than it currently has been. i cant stand potheads that speak of it as a wonder drug that has ZERO negative side effects because its simply not true.

  4. I think marijuana should be legalized recreationally over medicinally. Like i totally believe smoking weed helps take the edge off of symptoms mentioned but i think that should just be up to people to decide when to use it given how few side effects weed has compared to every other rec drug. And if it keeps people from using painkillers? Great news

  5. Thank you for the Zofran recommendation<3
    There aren't enough health benefits from smoking marijuana that can make up for all its downsides.

    For how often I have to smoke to control my nausea, it's not worth the price, how little I can be sober, how much I've had to let a drug be a part of my life.
    Think about it, if you have asthma or a bad knee, there aren't any social consequences to have your health issue treated. You don't need dealers, socializing with stoners, or reeking like the ghetto.

    Marijuana is a jack of a few trades, and it doesn't do any too well. (unless you're an epileptic)

  6. Its pretty obvious he knows Marijuana would be a better alternative to a giant chuck of his medication so hes against it(publicly).

    Im not saying that Medical Marijuana is this super cure all, but for instance alot of pharmaceutical pain killers are addictive and can cause liver, and nervous system problems when used to treat chronic pain patients. And in that sense Medical Marijuana is a better alternative. If this was scientific fact it would be a major blow to the PharmaBros.

  7. Hey I have an idea….lets get people on fentanyl and get them addicted so we can 1. boost the profit of big pharma. 2 . we can help reduce population size by O.D. 3. also keep the incarsaration leval on lower income americans. also, name just 1 person who has died from an OD of weed in the last year. wait, In the last decade. I will save you some time, you cant. now how many died last year from pharmaceutical drugs. now I will bet he is paid by insuance co. or works with big pharama in some form or fashion. If Im wrong it will still not reduce my point about this drug epidemic we have in the united states. But hey, usually the black people go to jail for it… not as many of us white men throwed in prison for it so its all good. ps.. puff puff ..pass

  8. Typical pot activist: "Bruh, High Times sayz Tommy Chong don't got no mo' cancer cuz pot bruh. That's like total proof and science and shieet. There's like literally a big pharma conspiracy cuz chemo makes people sad and they loose there hairs and I get all my news from Buzzfeed and Huffpo so like, I'm like woke. Look, here's some random completely unverifiable article about some kid who supposedly has epilepsy but like his mom gave him THC and now he's not going all hellen keller. Total proof and you're all just big pharma shills! Muh vape modzzz!!!!!"

  9. CBD is different than THC. And all the marijuana that's ever been tested by the government has been grown by the government. Look up government grown weed. It looks like straight front lawn grass.

  10. i mean i am also sure that marijuana would be less effective as a pain killer than fentenyl. however, in cases of chronic pain it would be so much safer to prescribe than fentanyl and have less side effects.

  11. IMO marijuana should get some testing but as for now I'd say to legalise it or make it easier to get as medication. My friend has chronic headaches he tried a lot of things and he says that most painkillers work but he can still feel the pain, few stronger ones help to deal with 90% of the pain but it doesn't seem healthy to take them everytime he feels pain. In the end he's smoking small amounts of weed(not to get high but to fight the pain) here and there and it works perfectly along with morphine but that's like… worst case scenario drug for him. So it looks like weed could help a bunch of people and I say make it legal then.

  12. I could just imagine what was going through his mind was, "Interrupt me one more goddamn time."

    Also, I'm by no means an expert but I think efficacy shouldn't be the only aspect to look at. Marijuana could be a lot cheaper than some drugs, and patients might be more inclined to go for a less potent but also less expensive variant.

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