Kristen Bell Shares How CBD Helps Her Through Difficult Days | How I Mental Health | Marie Claire

Kristen Bell gets personal about how she manages her mental health and deals with rejection and anxiety. She opens up about her relationship with crying, …


  1. You’re tapped into our generations pulse. Keep the flame ‘cause we’re gonna uncage ourselves and lead the world into so much light! Get the water based cbd. It’s the goods!

  2. Hey I saw your video yesterday and totally relate , I find cbd helps for my severe back pain and make the gummies myself . It’s fun and helps keep me busy too
    Thanks for being so public 💕💕

  3. I really like Kristen Bell as a person. She protects her kids from the media, she is married to the same guy for ages, which is unusal for celebrities. She is honest and vulnerable, but at the same time extremely funny and smart. It completely surprised me to find out that someone like her struggles with depression and anxiety.

  4. I don't know if Kristen has advocated for Medicare for All, but that would be really great to see. Everyone should be able to get the treatment they need for mental health issues, and a lot of people just can't afford it in our current very flawed system.

  5. I've been having incredibly strong anxiety lately (along with panic attacks). Knowing that no amount of wealth, fame, or money will magically take it away has let me cool down a bit this morning. Sometimes I think "if I had the money to pay for better medical care it would go." Clearly, that's not true. Love that she shared. Thanks.

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