Kimberly Palm and Victoria Reynolds discuss Ascension, Resurrection and More…

FearlessAndFree #SpiritualFreedom #TranscendingFear Kimberly and I had a chat about what we see happening in the world right now and how to move past it …


  1. Thank you both so much for your work and dedication for us…you are appreciated! Prior to hearing you and others speak, I had absolutely no awareness of the ascension. Since then I have bought books from both of you and have gained so much knowledge. Please don't get discouraged! You are appreciated and loved by those of us who have ears to hear ❤❤❤

  2. Great conversation, Lots of fear info out there re the planned narrative much better to talk and listen to how great our future will be. I totally agree that what we put our focus on is what we create. Im creating a peaceful world where we are all celebrating dancing and singing. And all healthy too😁

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