1. So they just took delta 8 off the shelf. Kentucky should of led the way right after Colorado but you all have your head up failure mitchs azz. McConnell said many times as long I'm in office weed will never be legal in Kentucky. That reason alone is why he has NEVER gotten my Kentucky vote. Wake up people. This BS has gone on long enough !!!

  2. Y'all know why medical marijuana won't pass because there's too many people's hands out that works for Kentucky what the part that money that's what it's all about we don't need jobs permission to smoke weed anymore now if y'all want to lock up 50,000 people in Kentucky will go all the way downtown to smoke a joint

  3. I smoke weed because I don't want to deal with the doctors when you go get pills for your pain cuz you got cancer find Diana cancer and I can't even find it Kentucky is the one killing me the people run Kentucky I'm dying of cancer and I need this weed Mary medical weed y'all are the ones killing me and all the cancer patients but I'll be damned if I'm going to let you monitor me for smoking weed hell no if y'all don't like me smoking weed what's the courts don't like me smoking weed with the government don't like me smoking weed or the police f*** y'all

  4. If plant form cannabis becomes legalized throughout the Bible Belt, they’re going to have to find new and inventive ways to put poor folks and black folks in jail for bullshit. I’m certain they’ll come up with something. There’s more money to be made in the prison industrial complex throughout the Bible Belt than in legalized plant form cannabis.

  5. So the doctors do not like it because they refuse to believe that research that works in other countries on human beings that have been proven to work should be ignored based on what facts that prove medicine works because medicine does not see skin color, religious beliefs, nationality,or financial status. Medicine does not discriminate why should doctors and lawmakers.

  6. I have liver failure and 2 bad disk in my back and I dont take any meds for the pain because of my liver even tho I'm in alot of it. I need medical cannabis. However, if were not allowed to smoke it, it will still do me no good because of how edibles and oral meds. are processed through the liver. I need to be able to smoke Cannabis because by smoking or vaping it, it is not processed through the liver the same way as with the Edibles and Oral meds! Wake Up KY. It's wrong to make a plant from nature that God put here illegal for medical use or otherwise. That goes against our human, God given rights!
    #GetItLegal #LegalizeItAmerica #GoGreenGrowGreen #NoMoreCommunistStateOfAmerica #StandUpForYourRightToMedicateNaturally #VOTE

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