1. 8:49 extremely common for people to become physically addicted actually, like 99% of regular users. However chemical addiction (what happens when you use most of other drugs) is almost impossible and so unbelievably rare.

  2. I failed to become addicted to pot, I tried but I couldn't learn to enjoy feeling paranoid and hungry, and driving 15 mph on the freeway almost caused problems for me. But for those whose genetics allow them to function while high 🤗

  3. We do need regulation on hard drugs, we have the means to make safer drugs yet we are critical on the addict and not on the way people use drugs. If we can't stop folks from getting high, then we should motion to capitalize on our citizens short falls and not allowing toxic waste like meth or uncontrolled synthetic opioids to fill this void in a market that could be used for medical oversight and recovery that will work. Don't do drugs! They say but they are here with no alternative, if you get addicted, your on your own. Change the chemistry, instead of meth, allow folks to buy pharma grade amphetamines, instead of fentanyl, allow folks to buy controlled opioids. Then use a big part of that money for medical oversight, education, and real rehab so our citizens don't become homeless or dead. This is the way, I just won the war on drugs.

  4. just say no to the bud, if you don't want surreal nightmares , side effects etc, ,after you quit from years of blowing smoke.. withdrawals can easily exist … they may make you wish you never took a hit…and yes , it's addictive if you do it every day & depend on it to escape from whatever ..don't get lost in la la land …Is there anybody out-there!!

  5. Alcohol is a socially acceptable drug but has serious, serious consequences on our society.Also, I've taken shrooms on multiple occasions and have never felt closer to god or my purpose or whatever. It's not necessary. Every ta; ls about shrooms like it's some sort of amazing life adventure, but I haven't found that to be the case. In fact, last time I took them I thought I was dead for several hours and you throw up a lot because it's poinson. Let's stop glorifying shrooms, alcohol, and all other substances.

  6. People think they understand but they don’t. Ppl don’t smoke everyday to get high because it eventually does nothing to you but you smoke it still because ur PHYSICALLY addicted to smoked with tobacco in ur bowls for example. Anything related to smoking weed with tobacco because a mixture that is extremely addictive in itself. That’s the only way pot is addicting, straight up….

  7. We have a big government, it serves the corporations and the military-industrial complex. Much is made of the American founders' supposed suspicion toward "big government," but the fact is we were pawns of the elites from the beginning. Why do you think we have an electoral college? There used to be a time when they could buy and sell people based on birth, now they do the same based on weed possession – hence why weed is still illegal, it provides private prisons (who lobby aggressively against legalization) with slave laborers. Those of us who aren't incarcerated are subject to the leering eyes of the alphabet agencies, and none of us except for the 1% are represented in government. Your right to speak "freely" about the government (never mind all the shady shit the FBI has done in flagrant violations of our supposed rights) is what American exceptionalists beat you over the head with when you point out that we have little real political choice.

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