Jesse Ventura’s Passionate Stance on Marijuana

The Doctors debate the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana with Jesse Ventura and Dr. Kevin Sabet, president of Smart Approaches to Marijuana. Subscribe …


  1. Lol u can tell the lady after he said drink til 3 in the morning you'll never get up and have a good day at work has been there before 🤣🤣 much love to jesse for spitting facts 🤘🤘

  2. I figured out I’d rather be at the Pot Party when I tried both at 14. Drinking usually went wrong because of others whenever they had too much, enough weed and you get a good night’s sleep 🤣👏🏻

  3. When did this become about kids? WTF!! The reaching is getting ridiculous!! Are you kidding me?!?!?! You don’t want to legalize it because kids might get to it? Really? How bout you store it in the same place as your alcohol and tobacco! Stupid! And what might happen if they did get into it? Are they gonna OD and die?

  4. K I d s, guess what? your whiney bullshit voices complaining about retardation cause you can't admit as health professionals it's against your ethics to even endorse the usage of marijuana at all isn't helping, and the curtains will come away swiftly but surely

  5. you can tell old Jesse was tryin to hold back as much as possible… you can tell jesse would of loved to choke out that doctor. not all doctors are to be believed i met plenty of corrupt doctors in my life! theres too much control and conflicting laws surrounded by the drug trade here in the United States.. the debate goes on however people have there heads to far up there arses with politics to do anything logical in the correct pursuit of happiness and health! Opiod addiction is HELLA real! Marijuana addiction?? Give me a break!!! Its refer madness all over again! Let it go already!!!

  6. He's a Navy Seal and should be respected for that. But he is wrong about marijuana. Listen to David Toma the former Marine boxing champion and police officer about the dangers of marijuana. Go to youtube and enter "David Toma 1983 PBS" to find out just how wrong Jesse Ventura is.

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