1. Read the Quran and repent sincerely to Allah, stop smoking and drinking alcohol, play sports, help the Palestinians as much as you can, create talk about the ptsd around you and especially a lot on social networks and denounce Israel and most importantly leave these lands it does not belong to you.

    If allah forgives you you will find inner peace, if not…

  2. Ido and all brothers and sisters who are suffering this horrific trauma-based disease, Holy Spirit of God of Israel in me is praying with my soul also crying for your pain. I believe God wants save you and will give you new Holy body in rapture that will happen, you can see it in Torah prophecys and also in New testament/covenant with people of Israel and pagans who turns to seek real truth in our God Adonai Elohim. Be blessed and encouraged, our problems are solved in our hands of our Holy Father in Heaven through His Son, our redeemer Yeshua Ha'masiach/Lord Jesus Christ. I really believe God will help and rescue us when we humble our hearts before Him and bless His people Israel and all pagans who trust in Him who sent his own Son to die for our inquities on that cross at golgata 2000-years before. Next time Jesus is coming here is with us, the church of Jesus Christ, all believers who truly believes and repents from all evil in Spirit of truth, Spirit of God, Bo Ruach Elohim!

  3. lol he’s screaming at a bunch of Zionists who give no shits about him, in fact they paid European countries for Jews so they can move them to Israel, if you think making it up, look up Romania Jewish migration 🤣🤣

  4. I wish that he adopts the true religion Islam and Allah forgives him on earth and achirah. He should go to Gaza and live there, that's the only way I think he will find peace on earth

  5. They are 2 chances he convert to Islam and make tawba or he will burn in this dunya and in djahannam this man killed 40 innocent Palestinian for no reason that’s what he deserves
    And please don’t come with the argument he was Brainwashed every single soldier knows what they have to do so it’s their own decision to kill the innocent people and that’s the direct consequence congratulation to him and i hope all Soldiers who kill innocent people will get this I’m talking about INNOCENT PEOPLE

  6. Dh bunuh org xbersalah..igt bole hidup tenang..bg la segala jenis ubat penenang ke ganja ka..tetap xkan tenang sampai ko bertaubat..baru dunia bro..nnt lg berlipat ganda habuan ko

  7. Even a strong soldier's heart trembles fear for wrong doings. So who are we who those dont feel the tremble, Allah chooses whom HE wishes to feel the terror in their hearts.

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