Inside tour of Sydney's 'second CBD' at Parramatta Square | 7NEWS

As governments urge resumption of economic activity at Parramatta, they never stopped work surging ahead on the massive Parramatta Square redevelopment.


  1. Why do we have to listen to this being narrated by such sibilant person?
    She over exaggerates the soft "s" and it incredibly annoying and pretentious.
    Stop using these people to present the news. Please.

  2. Parramatta Traffic is horrible and that was two years ago. Dunno what it'll be now. It takes 20-30mins to get out of the Central district during peak hour.

  3. Parramatta’s changed a bit since i used to go to Woolworths cafeteria down Church Street, to get a glass of chocolate milk with mum when i was a little girl. I don’t even recognise where those towers were!

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