I'm Sorry / Some days up and some down while living with stage four cancer.

I’m sorry, a heart felt chat about recent events.Some wonderful days lead to a day in bed. My life as it happens! Dossier- CAN”T LIVE …


  1. I totally get you I don't have cancer but my dad and my stepmom both died from cancer and my dad had lung cancer he fought he fought to live because I'm afraid anymore 7 rounds of radiation the radiation went to his brain after that it was basically time and there's nothing wrong with that don't be hurting yourself some people are just stupid you're so good person and your videos are awesome

  2. You are an amazing beautiful person 🥰😘 no need to apologize for being this awesome Lady 😘🥰🥰 warmest hugs and yes, block any negative individuals or thoughts – not needed. Or worth your time 🥰

  3. Hi Jodi, I never comment on public domains… but after watching this I felt the absolute need to tell you that you inspire me, and are loved by so many because of your real transparent videos. Please don't apologize for that. Thank you for teaching me strength and courage and for valuing self-care. I watch All of your videos and I hope you know how much I look forward to them in the real and open way that you do them. Much love and hugs sent your way, my friend.

  4. Don't ever be sorry! speak as it is, this is your channel and your journey and its about how you feel. Stuff the haters, they don't have anything better to do! They ain't worth ur time and energy. Save all ur energy cuz we lufs Ya!!! Sending love and hugs from the UK 🇬🇧 😘😘😘

  5. My mother died from Chemotherapy two years ago this Friday! The chemotherapy destroyed her lungs. I personally after witnessing such a horrible death I don’t believe I would have chemotherapy after seeing what it did to my mother.

    You do you and be true to yourself. God grant you strength.

  6. When you put yourself out there, there is no way you have everyone agreeing with you. We all have our own individual thoughts. And people who die from chemo didn't die from chemo…if they didn't have cancer they wouldn't have had to receive chemo…..cancer caused their death. You shouldn't be saying that chemo killed them.

  7. I love your spirit, authenticity, honesty, humour, fun and transparency. I’m grateful for you and the world needs more of you! Please, please, please ignore the trolls.

  8. You do you, Jodi! There are hateful people everywhere. We all (are lucky enough) to have religious freedom and personal choices. If we only followed people just like ourselves, it’d be so boring. You are a sensitive woman, and that much more vulnerable given you’re living with cancer. I’m glad you’re blocking the meanies. You go, girl!💪🏽💗🥳

  9. Jodi I just watched the video of you and your family singing last Christmas. Please I beg you to release it again soon and please sing in your new home. And if you have not watched this great video, please go watch. Be prepared for chills and tears.

  10. Don't focus on the negativity. You are intitled to expressing your opinion on your channel. Plus, Your channel is growing fast so that will automatically attract more trolls. You're always very sweet so please don't censure yourself!

  11. Oh Jodi….I subscribed to your channel because of how totally genuine and honest and transparent you are! You are beautiful, funny and engaging. Don't take the nasty comments to heart….not worth your time or emotions. If people don't like what you have to say they should just hit that unsubscribe button and fuck off! 😁 Don't cry and don't ever apologise for being honest and being yourself….you are amazing 💕

  12. Can I ask you a personal question? Why in the hell are you still working? It’s just so sad that your husband and your family cannot support you financially to the point you have to go out and work when you’re quite obviously ill.

  13. Saying you’re vain and shouldn’t wear makeup or look nice, and you shouldn’t share your personal experiences (on your own channel!) is outrageous. And ridiculous. Are Christians supposed to walk around looking hideous all the time just because? And what are you supposed to share on your own channel if not your experiences? I’m sorry you’re upset by this and obviously having a down day. I like you and enjoy your channel, and hope this doesn’t dampen your flame in any way!!!

  14. I knew when I watched this vlog you were going to get back lash…but what that means is you have more people watching and there is going to be some bad comments here and there. I did not care a lot for the video I feel cancer is too large of subject to say anything exclusive about it but then you have never claimed to be a medical professional so I didn’t feel I needed to attack your thoughts. Don’t change be yourself and don’t let negative comments upset you some people just need to unleash their ugly.

  15. Sharing your life as you do transparency is the right thing. You said nothing wrong. These people who are saying you aren't Christian. Judge no lest you be judged. Chemo is a killer what you said is true. Hopefully your pain takes a break. God bless you.

  16. Hi Jodi, I just wanted to say it is your transparency that makes you so real! Please don’t start editing your videos. I had no idea that a person could die from chemo by getting sepsis. You were expressing your grief by sharing what happened to two of your friends and informing us about their reaction to the chemo. Putting yourself out there on YouTube, will bring the trolls, like moths to a light. There’s no escaping it if we are in the public eye. I think it’s human nature to want to be loved by everyone but it’s not realistic. I’ve read that no matter how nice we try to be 10 percent of people will not like us. So count these trolls as being the 10 percent and if you have to, block them. Please continue being the sweet Jodi that we have come to love! ❤️

  17. hello hope your feeling good today. I have bad leg pain and I was thinking of trying these new pain patches, there is one called Kailo , which is meant to reduce your pain in minutes, it's also $89.95, so I was wondering if you had tried, or have heard anything about these types of products.
    Luv Liz.

  18. Wow, you want to know where the real attack is. You are a child of God/Jesus. Evil people see that beautiful soul that shines in you so they attack it. When Jesus walked the Earth he was beyond abused in every fashion. The mean words are done in the same action to hurt another like they did Jesus. It is called churning I do believe. That evil carries on today still. The attack is a personal attack on God through you. You are stronger than that junk they dish out. Pray for those people. Karma is real. What a person dishes out comes back like a bad omen so just say a prayer for those evil people. God will give you peace knowing you handled it with his care. Turning it over to God in prayer works. You never have to be sorry for speaking the truth. Jesus spoke the truth, and people treated him like trash. Just remember Jesus has our back. Thank you God/Jesus for loving us all, AMEN… In God love we share…

  19. I’m so sorry you have had this negative response from some people, I really thought you gave a balanced view which was heartfelt, it is a fact that chemo is ruthless! And yes chemo does kill people, there’s no getting from that, and yes it saves thousands too. As for these hateful people, they likely have unhappy little lives, keep doing what you do, you will never please everyone. Love watching your channel, I work and have a chronic illness too and you give me so much encouragement to get my ass to work everyday xxx

  20. You don't need to apologize for anything or to anyone. People should realize that if they are looking for sugar coating they are in the wrong place. This is about you and your experiences.
    This what I love about your Chanel. your transparency and honesty.

  21. You are wonderful! 😊
    Sometimes we are sadly surrounded with mean people, we all encounter them now and then…. in every country. These people deliberately want to hurt you, so take these comments away. Please 🙏 Forget these nasty persons and be happy with your family and friends! You are a very sensitive and positive fine woman. Enjoy life, that is much more important dear!😃

  22. You keep doing you. You are so special and a true inspiration. Try not to let others get you down. You are amazing and your true fans think that. I’m so sorry people have been incredibly mean. I really feel for you. You are such a lovely lady and personally I feel you have nothing to apologise about. I want to thank you for sharing your life with us and I hope you continue to do so. At the end of the day if people don’t like it, they don’t need to watch. You are amazing! Xxx love from UK xxx

  23. Please don't take any notice of nasty people they really aren't worth your time. Your channel is real life which makes it special, sending hugs from the UK x

  24. That anyone would criticize you for sharing your life in such a vulnerable way is beyond me. It is obvious that you care deeply about others and we can’t ask anything more of you. I wish I could give you a hug.

  25. I think people who wrote hate comments and boohoo’ing about what all you share need to look up from the screen and get a life. We love you Jody, keep being your true self and let the keyboard “warriors” go else where. ❤️❤️

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