Illinois Senate passes recreational marijuana bill, sends bill to House

The push to legalize recreational marijuana use took a big step forward in Illinois Wednesday after the Senate passed a recreational marijuana bill. The bill is …


  1. Why do republicans oppose leagalized pot? Because they have had such a NO WAY stance for so long and they can't be pro now without looking hypocritical and try to also cash in on the revenue! One thing repugs [love] more then ANYTHING wven the country is $$$!!!

  2. Illinois law doesn't allow ballot initiatives, other than constitutional amendments. Another bullshit that pritzker supposed to have changed. Stop acting like your in control of the people in Illinois 😠 how in the hell you American claimed to be educated and claim to be free to make your own decisions allow a desicions to be made without your approval by the ballot. Why am I the only one fighting and standing up against politicians telling you (us) what to do or what we want. I want to start a business but pritzker is listening to other millionaires and other politicians to control the marijuana situation. Illinois tax payers and citizens , you are uneducated, your not free to make your own decisions. Illinois gripped the citizens with a iron fist and you can't see past your jobs you don't like or see past the problems your going through or see past your family problems or ect. The government should of answered to the news about the beginning statement that infuriated me and should of all of Illinois voters. What is wrong with you Americans. Is the government your daddy or your God every time a statement like that is said or pass the ballot box it should of been a up roar not only in Illinois but all over America. You Americans, All of you is controlled by a Bible, president or a politician and now billionaires and millionaires or people who have more money than us the poor. We Americans claimed to abolish slavery, Ha what a laugh, you in slaved ass Americans.

  3. I live in Colorado . if you passed this so people of color can erase drug charges ??? Wait tell your rental property gets turned into a grow house. Wait an see how home invasions increase . Wait until your 7th grade daughter brings home a bag of weed. Black market weed problems are our new weed problems. BTW It's everywhere . Car wrecks out of control . from running over people . Or going the wrong way on the interstate. Your situation just got more dangerous in ways you have no idea. Your screwed.

  4. If it’s legal now for recreational purposes then everyone should be allowed to grow it they are greedy figured they’d make it legal for their own gains the people don’t get shit
    It’s a herb that should be allowed for anyone to grow
    But we are only allowed to purchase and possess 1 ounce it’s a start but still isn’t fully legal
    They think we as a people are too dumb to notice that

  5. Only big issue is didn't remove drug testing for work…how dare you pass it yet allow that to remain.
    .unless you testing for booze on the job this is bullshit

  6. The people that think weed is bad are stupid and uneducated.Weed is the safest drug way safer then both alcohol and nicotine. Stoners are good people they dont drive reckless if anything they drive very cautiously and they dont abuse their wives like alcoholics do.Wake up people the media is engraving these bad associations with weed into your minds.

  7. Well looks like the thugs in decrapur į mean decatur illinois Will no longer be able to take advantage of people who needed this medically who Will be able to grow who couldnt afford high priceses of a inferior product only satan knows where it came from or how it was grown or what garbage iš in it and the same for people who use it for recreation now the cops must and Will be forced to do thier job and stop spending wasteless time on a prohibition type issue now it can be safe and regulated and it cuts down on sag pants wearing thugs conducting bussiness from cars on streets again it Will help law enforcemnt to get tough on meth and crack real drugs that destroy

  8. For people with chronic pain, it's a good idea. However, the potential for abuse & someone
    getting behind the wheel is a huge issue. As if texting while driving isn't bad enough, now
    there's this.

  9. Meanwhile, silence on the 35 shot + 5 killed over the weekend. Silence on the financial situation while approving confiscatory taxes. Is it something in the water that these communist democrats never address the real problems of the state?

  10. 😨😨😨😨😨Wow, keep people stoned out of there mind, so they can continue to be numb and blind to reality, which means they will remain poor and poverty stricken, just for money gain ,wow this government is sick, greedy and destructive, carry on.😱😱😱😱

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