Honest Review on the Ignite CBD Vape by bo Vape. Cbd May help with epilepsy, pain and anxiety. CBD is fully legal in all 50 states of USA and a lot of …


  1. So this doesn’t contain nicotine at all correct? I just quite nicotine and weed about a week ago and wanted to try this as an alternative. I heard that the pods tend to leak a lot and have also read of some people receiving pods completely empty because they leaked during shipping. Thanks

  2. I have an amazing idea why do you do a ignite cbd rechargeable pen giveaway with 2 flavours of choice and preferably me the winner 😂😂😂😂 yuno just an idea

  3. Hey treeez if it isn’t a burden to you can you make a vid showing how to use the pen( where the flavour goes what actions to do etc) and flavour tests like the watermelon and apple berry flavour

  4. Bro do ur Vape makes a noise when u inhale the vapor? I just bought the same vaper, i'm New in vaping so i'm not sure if it is good xd

    Sorry for my English, its not My natal language.

  5. I Just ordered a starter pack off the website before I watched your video. & I feel a lot better after seeing your detailed review so I appreciate the video! Greeting from Fresno California 🤙🏽

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