1. Girl i tried CBD as well—- i don't think it worked atleast not for me, they got me paranoid. I've been suffering with panic attacks and anxiety, glad to say its getting easier for me to handle it. GIRLLL, —> trryyy stress release teas i swear they will work, and watch your sugar and caffeine intake that makes it WORSE. Try your best to find a comfortable place and try some yoga its not alot of work its just some stretches that will release tension in your body. I hope you find inner peace, dont worry you'll be fine. Love your blogs!! Keep it upp!!😇🙏🙏

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Just a suggestion about that beautiful comforter. I would get some nice blankets and put in between the comforter and sheets. At night when you go bed, fold down the comforter to the foot of the bed and use the blankets for warmth. This way the comforter won't get dirty as fast. That comforter looks like it has to be dry cleaned so it would be a pain to be getting it dry cleaned constantly. Blankets are a lot easier to clean.

  3. Did u know, to have a good nights sleep, u should be off ur phone at least an hour before going to sleep,.. u should try it,.. just relax with ur husband the last hour.. with no phones … even if u can’t sleep,.. like how it use to be once upon a time … I remember when cell phones werent a thing not like how it is now .. and my attention was full on my spouse and just doing special things, little things idk but yes, it’s been said u should be off ur phone an hour ATLEAST! Before u go to sleep .. it helps mentally .. esp the blue screen with these iPhones, it’s ruining our eyes, and brain. Love u girly! Good night from North of the province of Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 gn it’s 10:09 now bed time lol

  4. The way you are feeling has nothing to do with the CBD because has no THC in it that makes you feel the way you are feeling. I think your system is empty and your sugar might have been low or maybe you were just over thinking it because you did say you suffer from anxiety so that might just be a chemical imbalance you might already have. Good luck on your journey.

  5. CBD gets me super hungry. So if you didn’t have anything to eat before hand, it probably made you sick from being hungry and on cbd. Because I’ve been there. If I smoke cbd, and don’t eat, I feel like my sugar drops. So I make sure to drink a soda or juice or chocolate if I have no food around. But I learned to make sure I ate now.

  6. I’m the same way!! I can’t smoke weed or take CBD because I always have to be super aware of my surroundings. I hate feeling like I don’t know what’s going on 😭 I totally understand!!

  7. Depends what kind of CBD you are taking, make sure it’s 100 organic & full spectrum, and not mixed with any other crap lol… and you have to know how much dosage your body can tolerate. Really that makes a big difference. Knowing how much Dosage is key.

  8. WOW, really? tripping on CBD, i honesty thing you got a shitty brand product. I rode an article yesterday showing CBD% on more than 50 brands, and lot of them were to much or to low (some had 0% CBD)
    So my guess is you had a shitty product.

    Because CBD, it is a true life savior for us! CBD helped me so much my wife and I! we take oil and smoke flowers, helped us a lot! but we go moslty on plantandhemp.com bcs it is way cheaper and good quality, and also, because they deliver in Europe and USA.

    Thank so muchhh

  9. I bought a 15 piece 750mg CBS gummies. They melted on my way home, I refrigerated it and now it's the bag size literally. So right now as I type this, I say to say this I ate 7 gummies, 50mg each that's 350mg…I'm currently tripping on this shit, but its cool. I'm testing it out to see if I wanna eat the rest of it at work tomorrow but I say no now that it kicked it lol oh and it has .3 thc

  10. Ay Mayra.. it’s because you’re juicing. Don’t do that girl! Stupid miracle diets/detox don’t work!!! Eat right, exercise, and live a healthy life. Don’t blame CBD’s.. “detoxing” is always gonna make you feel like shit. You should change the title of your video and rename it to: “I was on a juice cleanse and it made me feel like crap”.

  11. I had the same experience maybe alittle worse with edibles. Yeah no never again. It ruined everything for me. And it actually triggered my anxiety, and now I’m left with anxiety lol.

  12. CBD isn’t supposed to do anything to make you trip but the time I took cbd I did but I think it was my anxiety taking over 😂 I was psyching my self out. Most likely it’s the juicing because for me not eating like I usually do, I’ll get anxious and all it’s lovely symptoms 🙂

  13. I highly recommend melatonin gummies to help you sleep, it’s not for anxiety but it can help regulate your sleeping schedule, I usually get the 10 mg but just for you to try them out get the 5mg they’re like 12 dollars at cvs or target

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