I Got Sum S*** To Say: The Podcast (Ep.22) "CannaWeDiscuss" | Ft.Mike Rischbeck, Lex, Logan Sport

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  1. Yeah I been there with the weed bro with fight or flight. You just gotta keep smokin or smoke less. I’m a stoner at heart so I could never stop and I’ve never felt palalyzed 😮 but I have felt like I was having a heart attack than I found out it was a panic attack

  2. This episode hit different!! Literally!! 🙂Another 🔥1! Mike was spit'n FACTS!! Don't we all have dat 1 homie who knows everything about everything!!🙂 I learned sum shit on " I got sum shit to say " imagine that!😁 Shout out Squints/Chad/&Chad Armes TV ya'll be easy ✌– Respect 1❤7️⃣0️⃣6️⃣G🅰️KEEP HUSTLIN

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