How to Use CBD Oil or Medical Marijuana for Neuropathy // Wondering if you should use Medical Marijuana or CBD Oil for your Neuropathy or How to Use CBD …


  1. Thanks for sharing I have headache back pain and pinch nerve sometimes have tingling and weakness on both legs , am using alprozolam for anxiety, can I use CBD oil as well, please help me

  2. >^..^< I have been diagnosed having peripheral neuropathy by the veterans administration nurologest. By a Geisinger neurologest I have been told I have poly neuropathy.
    To relieve my various neuropathy sensations and pain, I have found that if after each time I empty my bladder I always drink 4 to 6 oz of water immediately after leaving the bathroom, for the most part, 98% of my neuropathy pain in my feet and lower legs is gone. I do use CBD oil at bed time to help me sleep.better.

  3. I have chronic nerve pain from a car accident 22 years ago. Within the last 2 years I have leg nerve pain from 3 discs in my lower back from the car accident pushing on the nerves in my legs. I've been on medical marijuana for 7 months. It does nothing for me. I'm taking a low dose or the green, and blue pills, because it's so expensive. I also tried the tricture oil, and is still using the strongest vapor. Even though it's expensive, would the higher blue, And green higher dose be better? I'm tired of being in leg, back pain!!

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