How to Reveg Cannabis After Harvest | Revegging Your Cannabis Plant Tutorial

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  1. I have a plant 5 weeks into flower, ended up drowning, all leaves are dead, buds are immature and small…if I cut all the buds off and put it under 18 hours of light or more per day, can I save this bitch?

  2. Don't forget to get the ppm and pH down some so that it goes back to veg even sooner. Also I leave some very small nugs barely forming and take everything else off. Helps speed along the process. I usually get them growing again in about a week or less.

  3. Looks like seed weed therefore.pointless to re-veg a marijuana plant, better off to grow a new plant from scratch and get more, and better weed not seed🥇

  4. What happens if they accidentally get put in flower from actual babies? Then get little hairs, will they revert back ok? It’s been 3 weeks of mistake by my friend

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