How To Make Hemp Milk in Less Than Three Minutes

Hemp milk is so easy to make. Plus it’s delicious and nutritious. In about three minutes you can make your own fresh hemp milk. Try it! You’ll like it. For more …


  1. I recently decided to start making my own hemp milk and while I like the nutty flavour I can't get over the "earthy" flavour. I'm the beginning it was just hemp seeds & water. As I added more water, vanilla & honey it got better but I still can't get over the "earthy" flavouring. What else can I hide to mask it??? without adding strawberries or cacao

  2. I'd recommend soaking the seeds overnight in the fridge before you blend them up, makes for a more nutritious milk by activating enzymes within the seeds.

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  5. I live in Nepal where hemp grows just about everywhere in the Kathmandu Valley. I'd love to be able to utilize the valuable nutrients from these. Ours are just picked from the plants so I wondered how to get the little guys skinned, but I don't need them skinned for this. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. Everything is so different living here; I love it. I love just about everything about Nepal. If Nepal isn't on your bucket list I just have one question for you- What About Nepal?

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