How to make CBD oil using coconut oil (simple recipe) Featuring the Magic Butter Machine!

cbdoil #cbd #cbdcoconutoil #cbdtreats #cbdedibles In this video I show you who I make CBD infised coconut oil using my Magical Butter Machine. CBD Coconut …


  1. Love this! I just tried this with 28g cbd flower.

    How many drops of the oil in your recipe would you add to a cup of coffee or tea?

    Or how many drops would you say is about 40mg CBD?

    Im trying to gauge what a good number of drops is for a glass of tea, hot cocoa, smoothie. My bud is 88% CBD/12% THC… i’m seeking a good dose for pain relief.

  2. Hello there I have been watching your video how to make CBD in the magic butter machine and I noticed you didn’t use any Lecithin could you tell me if you do use Lecithin or did you forget to use it on this video please let me thank you

  3. if im wanting to make a cbd oil for a dropper under the tongue, im guessing i cant use coconut oil because it solidifies. Can you suggest another option or way to make it work? Hemp oil goes rancid more quickly, grapeseed contraindicates with blood pressure meds…

  4. New to your channel, I've been looking for a channel that would help me with my new business venture and i am so happy i found yours. Thank You so much for all your extremely informative videos. I really do appreciate it.

  5. I love all of your videos, they have helped me out a lot. Looking forward to buying the cherry wine from you. How do you make the conversion for CBD? I have the THC calculator but have no clue as to how many mg of CBD I have. I used 28g 20.25% for 2 cups of coconut oil. Thanks in advance.

  6. any idea on the amount of CBD in your batch? like what kind of dosage would this be? thanks btw this video was exactly what i was looking for. will be picking up one of these machines

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