How to help if someone has a tonic clonic seizure – Epilepsy Action Employer Toolkit

This video is part of Epilepsy Action’s Employer toolkit. Find out more how to support employees with epilepsy at work To …


  1. is there anything to prevent epilepsy? im taking dephakote ER 500 2×1
    My parents blasphemying me.. They intimidate me to sleep each day every 10PM.. or get out from the house..

    help.. im dying

  2. My daughter had a tonic clonic seizure (first seizure) today. I don’t know much at all about seizures and wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing, but she was in the shower and I held her head up so she wouldn’t get water in her lungs while my husband called 911.

  3. Coming around isn’t that easy. Speech is hard at first; you don’t just sit up and start answering questions. The confusion can last for a couple of days, taking into account that part of that may be due to concussion and lack of oxygen. Someone so rigid and shaking isn’t going to be breathing.

  4. I like this video but I wish they would mention that when people come around they are often confused and disoriented. They might not be able to speak and /or they might speak in jibberish. It's helpful to be calm with them but also treat them as respectfully as possible. I'll always remember when I woke up in an ambulance after having a seizure while biking with my toddler child. I kept asking where my son was and they kept telling me to "be calm, everything was fine". This made me upset and worried. He was in a car seat behind my head, I was in a stretcher. He was happy to have the ride in the ambulance. Sometimes people would like to be filled in on what happened since the seizure, especially if they're in a different place and definitely if their children are involved! I always want to be assured of the safety of my kids.

  5. Guys I have see in my country when someone has Epilepsy they give his iron like some kind of unharmable metal pcs your door KEY or raw iron pcs etc anyone heard about it ? Once I saw it by myself with my eyes few min later patient was back to normal condition

  6. I have concern please answer I got flu vaccine on the right arm and pneumococcal vaccine on the right arm at the same time a minute after that I had difficulty of breathing and the next thing happened is I was on the floor someone is waking me up and then i didn't know that I peed it is my first seizure Im 23

  7. My sister has has seizures her entire life. She once had a tonic clonic so bad that it triggered hundreds of clusters. We rushed her to the hospital. They had to re-teach her how to walk and talk. She was only seven at the time. It was scary.

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