How to collect harvest medical marijuana weed seeds the EASY WAY

update** due to covid hitting me and my family hard, I have had to put my videos on hold for the time being.I had to unfortunately sell a lot of my grow equipment …


  1. hi all, thanks for liking and subscribing to my channel. unfortunately covid has hit my family hard. All new content is on hold until I start working again. Any dentation is welcome to get the content flowing again. Donation link is in info

  2. I got some questions , can I collect the seeds from the female and male plant? And when do I know when to harvest the seeds? Or do I have to pollinate one plant to do so?(sorry if I asked to much questions)

  3. I usually harvest too late for the seeds to be viable still Dx try to go for the 'narcotic' couch lock. is where I get my seeds, great deals all the time, free seeds with purchases and multiple payment methods to suit whatever you have at the moment. Paying cash will get you more seeds as well! I usually faced long delivery times when ordering over sea but once I found justcannabisseed I've been slowly building up a high quality cheap collection!

  4. Sup bro new sub here, had a question at what time during the female flowering stage do you pollinate it for seeds, and how long does it usually take for the seeds to be mature enough, any visual signs?

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