How to Clone 5 Million Hemp Plants a Year (Part 1)

We visited a commercial hemp propagation farm ( and interviewed the team members to find out what it takes to grow hemp on a …


  1. This isn't it fam, this the lazy way cause I mean it isn't sustainable unless he is selling to people who are impatient and don't wanna keep a mother. Seed selling is where it's at put in the extra work. Not hating he provides a service but people shouldn't be getting clones over and over unless they just don't wanna wait for seeds to germinate.

  2. Harry Anslinger is the friend of big pharma that had cannabis made illegal so douche bags like Bayer could poison us with their junky pills that never ever cure your ailments right😉 Bayer also created aids n paid people to try an experimental drug for something else n it made people become immune deficient, they're in litigation now for it. Yes they invented AIDS in a lab.

  3. thanks for that really interesting insight. in the last few weeks i sadly could not watch your videos because, they got age rated. and i just don't see me showing my personal papers to google.

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