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People are still having a hard time calculating their dosage, so I made this animation to help. Remember the 2 things you need to know is how many grams you …


  1. I would greatly appreciate your expertise and clarification. I am desperately trying to figure out the correct method of breaking down into milligrams. There are two different calculations on my label. Pineapple Fields- THC 0.32% and THCa 18.88%. I just want to make sure that I am suppose to use the THC percentage and not the THCa percentage? The reason for the confusion when researching for this, I haven't seen this high of a number for the THC level. It seems the THCa is within range of the numbers I'm seeing. Yet everything I am reading to figure out the break down tells me to use the THC percentage? Is this correct? Thank you in advance for you advise and help!!

  2. If you have already answered this I apologize. I am new at this and appreciate how simple you make your directions. My question is, how do you get the percentage of THC content? Do you have to take it o a lab to get tested or do you have a procedure for that as well?

  3. This is a decent approximation but there is a problem with this. Just because the bud tests at 17% doesn't mean that is what will carry through to the butter. First of all, 17% is probably the test result of the top colas that are highest in THC. Any use of lower, smaller buds will have less THC before decarb than 17%. As for the decarb, no one gets it perfect. The decarb curves available on the internet were made using lab-grade instruments, the stove in your kitchen won't hold precise temps like pro equipment. This means that a little too long (or high) or too short (or low) on the decarb length/heat will lower the amount of THC in the butter. Also, as you bake the brownies, more THC is converted to CBN. This is why most professional processors use distillate or decarbed BHO/Rosin for edibles and have anything that is made with heat tested for potency after baking. Again, this method will help with an approximation but it is not super accurate.

  4. Best video, subscribed for that..
    What if im bout to make some extractions should i consider to measure the Milligrams of the yield rather than start measuring from flower correct?

  5. Unrelated question – what software/ program are you using to create this video? I'm in need of the same but in don't know where to start or how to choose. Thanks! 🙂

  6. I thought delta 10 was weak I ate one gimmie thought I felt it within 2 minutes within the next 40 minutes I ate 4 which is 9500 mgs an 10 minutes later only the first one kicks in and I WAS ALREADY TRIPPIN DAWG

  7. Ok, thanks.
    But I’m making oil, coconut oil.
    So how do I work this out?

    I usually use 20 grams of bud and it’s at 14% and 3 cups of oil.
    Which gives me back 1,800ml of oil.

    So 20 X 1000 is 20,000
    And I multiply that by 0.14
    Which is 2,800.

    So then what?

    I normally use 100ml of oil in a batch of brownies and I get 10 brownies from that.

    So what’s my next calculation gonna be??

    Please and thank you,
    Love from Dublin, Ireland 👌

  8. Hey awesome video dude and the way you explain everything, perfect. Gotta a question: if this makes sense? Does size matter or change things like the size of a brownie compared to size of a gummy. Or you just divide how many gummies your pouring? Or like how many normal lil gummies would you consume to equal the brownie or a cookie? If that makes any sense? Cheers

  9. Hey there! Your videos are awesome and you are a great inspiration! I have two questions. I get my flower from my local street pharmacist, and it has no info on percentage is there a way to make an estimated guess on what the percentage can be? If so how? Thanks really appreciate it.

  10. Just reconfirming what I already knew but liked the video and style. That formula takes some people a long time to figure out! Also, people that can’t accurately doses what the make annoy me! 😜

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