How legalizing marijuana will play out in America

marijuana #legalizingmarijuana #cannabis Yahoo Finance’s Julie Hyman, Brian Sozzi, Myles Udland, and Andy Serwer discuss outlook for U.S. marijuana laws.


  1. Legalization is good and bad. No reason to explain the good… The bad is that legalization can get people fired. You can suggest just dont do it, but that is what sucks about it. Legalization in our faces and I have to chose not to do it. LOL. They need to stop recklessly passing bills like this for The People and not put in any stipulations to protect The People. I know quite a few who lost their jobs by cosuming legal marijuana die to company policy.

  2. I know when the government gets involved there is “possibly “ too much control. I just hope that independent, organic farms exist kinda like microbreweries. I want clean, well respected herb. Not Phillip Morris. I’ll pay the premium. I’m in El Paso, Texas and I have to go to Arizona. Pretty soon New Mexico (which I am thrilled about!) will have dispensaries!

  3. Idaho is so stuck on stupid. We are practically surrounded by states where it is legal, but the throwbacks to the 19th century in this state will probably never legalize it here.

  4. Joe Biden is not happy with people growing cannabis if you have done your research you would know you can grow THC with yeast scientists have been doing it the idea with Joe Biden is to have it goes through chemists there will be no dispensary and in the next five years you will not be able to grow it yourself you will get it in a tablet formYou can say I’m telling you bullshit but do your research so I can say

  5. I tgaughg legalized bud would be good but with taxes and prices going up. Maybe not better to get sack on the corner for a better price then make the wrong people rich.

  6. schumer says, "soon." but what he's doing is pushing the MORE act because he knows it will get liberals and progressives to send dems donations. he's just milking this cow for coins. no repub and not all dems in the senate will vote for the MORE act. the SAFE act stands a good chance. we need to legalize weed and get the "law enforcement" community off our backs and us out of jail.

  7. We get a Democrat as president we get the majority Democrat pushing the Bill's HOWEVER WE GET THE ONLY DEMOCRAT OUT OF LIKE 30 RUNNING THIS YEAR TO BE AGAINST LEGALIZING WEED. HOW?! might not get the chance to legalize like we have now

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