1. Looking to get into making my own carts but I wanna stay away from as much distillates other stuff . I know I need to thin out the extract to be able to smoke it via carts …
    I got cbd shatter and thc shatter and I wanna mix them 2:1 . Do I only need a luqidizer for this ?

  2. How did you calculate 80% or 400mg of CBD per 1gram of oil? 🥲🥲
    So it’s 5:1 = 10ml or 10gram CBD : 2ML Glycerin.
    So if 1gram which is 1ml, it has 5 gram of CBD. Then do I subtract 0.5ml of terpes ?
    500mg – terpe s? 🥲🥲🥲 help pls

    Omg I got it!!!

    12ml + 0.5 ml =12.5ml
    10ml ➗12.5ml = 80 %

    😭😭😍😍 thanks so happy lol

    So ur cartridge size is half gram? Not full?

  3. I have yet to find isolate cheap in bulk….if anyone knows where online plz lemme know…..cause a g is around 15 bucks and dude looks like he has bout 5 lbs of it lol

  4. I tried something similar to this last night only i'm using it in my e-juice with nicotine. I diluted only 1g of CBD Isolate into 10ml of PG. Used a hot bath and it seemed to be completely dissolved. Waited an hour, took another look and it still looked completely dissolved so i added my VG and nicotine to it, mixed it all up nice and today, it looks like a lot of the CBD Isolate has separated from the juice. What did i do wrong? Vaping works so much quicker than tinctures do. Very upset about this and curious as to how well the CBD ejuice i've bought at stores before were. Very upsetting.

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