Hemp for Victory – Entire Film – US Government asks farmers to grow it

Produced by the US Government in 1942…Interesting to learn that Dupont Chemical funded the anti- hemp / marijuana effort. This is because they had patents …


  1. En este video de 1943 EE.UU. incentiva a los ciudadanos al cultivo del cannabis ya que era de mucha utilidad como para comida y para textil de muy buena calidad lo que al empresario no le sirve. Ej Jean normal la termodinámica le da de vida 8 años. Un Jean de Cannabis fácil duraría 15 años dándole el mismo uso.

  2. Marijuana/Marihauna etc. are slang words for hemp/cannabis promoted by corrupt Dupont Chemical=Federal Bureau of Narcotics-Aslinger-Hearst etc.—-deschedule Cannabis/Hemp as a God-Given Whole Plant CANNABIS/HEMP—End prohibition for Whole Plant Cannabis/Hemp-Not only CBD—hemp and cannabis is one and the same!!!!!-wake-up People!!!

  3. As more states legalize someone could make a vid with a reverse name: Victory for Hemp 😀 I just love old voice-overs and broadcasts, they just don't talk like that anymore! I also adore the spelling of: Marihuana

  4. Monitoring my channel & all comments etc… shocked – no spam or nasty rude uncalled for comments. Thanks for keeping my channel clean and family friendly. Be sure to catch some of the old movies I have encoded and uploaded as well as a few stupid personal videos… Flounder Gigging with Sean Dixson & me – is pretty dang funny…or so others say. Happy You Tubing and as always Godspeed! KC

  5. So much nationalism – thread for shoes of millions of American soldiers, and parachute webbing for our paratroopers – no wonder the US government wanted to suppress the existence of this film.

  6. The leftovers of the WW2 hemp growing effort are what was called "ditch weed" back in the 60s and 70s, as some of it escaped the farms and grew wild along the side of the road. I have older cousins that saw it while travelling the US and tried smoking it. All they got were headaches, as fiber hemp has little to no THC.

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