Guinea pigs try CBD

We gave the guinea pigs CBD as yet another hay appetite boosting experiment. We’ve heard a lot of good things about it for guinea pigs, especially from Saskia …


  1. Great video!! Your piggies are healthy and don't have ouchies which is why you probably didn;t notice a big difference. The biggest difference we found is with the arthritic pigs that have stopped walking as much, I also noticed a big difference in pigs with eye injuries. Thank you! 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

  2. Before I had to put my guinea pig down, I gave him some full spectrum hemp extract which did include a small amount of THC (not just CBD isolate). At around 6 to 7 years of age, he actually started popcorning again and was more active! I did try some CBD isolate (just CBD, no THC or other cannabinoids) earlier and didn't notice a change even after a few weeks. Maybe a blend of all of the cannabinoids help.

  3. hi there, was just curious have you noticed any side effects from using CBD on your piggies? My pig was recently diagnosed with arthritis and I saw saskias video and ordered some but I seem to have gotten some backlash from forums saying its not safe

  4. I'm sorry I haven't been active on your account lately. I would be cool if you remember me! I just want to come tell you that Charli D'amelio used your video in one of her videos! It was Dixie laughing and the hype house thought she sounded like a guinea pig, so they pulled up one of your videos. She has 40mil followers. Maybe people who see that video will go subscribe to you or check out your videos. You're awesome by the way 😊

  5. I, too, was never a big hay eater until Shark ( my owner ) got me Third Cut Timothy Hay from Rabbit Hole Hay. I think they changed its name from "third cut" to "soft". Well, this stuff is amazing. It is so green and it smells so good that even Shark can smell the difference. As far as I am concerned, other hays are simply bedding. It definitely has the Happyfeet Palace seal of approval. Boink boink boink boink

  6. If you would just let them smoke plants I am sure they would get more than enough munchies. 😉 😉 😉


    I wish I did not feel like I need to put this but I am OF COURSE joking.

  7. And what was the purpose of this I think this whole marijuana movement is stupid everybody thinks it's a miracle drug that cures everything LOL I think it's just an excuse for people to get high although the THC part is what you get high off of not the CBD I remember one time a guy who lived in his car was telling me how good marijuana was for my diabetes sure I'm going to listen to somebody who lives in their car LOL

  8. Emm i gave this to my older 1 when her 2 back legs stopped fuctoning properly but i wasnt convinced in it. then a later date her eyes closed and she past away in my arms after nerseing her for a year to polong her life.i think yours need the real stuff to calm them down."

  9. I’m sure you know that if they get a lot they can get major stomach aches. Anyways Rocky woke up with sneezing. I hope the vet I take him to is open because the whole Monterey County is in lockdown. I hope rocky is just sneezing because of the hay. I’m really worried. Any tips?

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