Guided Sleep Meditation, Let Go of Pain or Suffering, Sleep Meditation to Ease Pain

A beautiful, healing guided sleep meditation to release and let go of pain or suffering. Calm your mind and improve your sleep with your FREE sleep guided …


  1. Craziest thing just happened as I am intently listening, every time you said "no pain in my body" a sharp pain shot out my leg – same spot each time. Has any one else had this happen?

  2. Aurgh pain stupid endometriosis I hope this helps and I really hope everyone listing to this finds pain relief I’m praying you all get relief and feel deep peace that surpasses the pain

  3. After a year now of trying different meditations and having success with quite a few. Jason yours has to be the most relaxing and enchanting I've ever come across. You take us on a journey in such a calm way. So basically I'm just trying to say thank you, you are saving my life and soul.

  4. Thanks you Jason our baby has just been put into intensive care I thanked for helping me with my insomnia and depression I’m sure you’ll help my pain we are so afraid. I doubt you’ll even see this but once again from the bottom of my heart thanks for all your hard time effort and amazing content

  5. Thank you so much for this meditation. It really helps with my neck pain, the tension that builds up because of the pain causes me to get severe migraines.
    I injured my neck in a motor accident and suffer from severe neck injury( whiplash) this causes severe migraines everyday. This video helps me realise all my stiff muscles and the pain feels much better. It also helps with my insomnia. I wish you could know how much I appreciate your video. All I want is some sleep and wake up with less pain the next day. I have big goals to achieve, all in need is your video to help me.
    Thank you with all my ❤

  6. Peace! Thank you Jason for this relaxing and peaceful meditation.i like your relaxing and gentle voice to put me to sleep at night.🙈🇺🇸🌃⛱️🌌🏙️🎠🛬🍹🍸🥂🌗⭐🌷🌟💯💯😺♥️🍎🍉🌅🍻🍿🥤🍭🎂🥧🦞🍋🦋🐟🐬🐋🦢🐙🐑🦄🐼🐰🐱🐺🐨🙉🐩🌴🌹🥀💃🕺

  7. Thank you to each and everyone around me in this realm… you yes you your amazing remember that please 🙌🏼 you are worthy of So much love you are capable of love you deserve to be loved and to love yourself more importantly my dear friend from wherever you are in this world know that I am sending you love and light for feeling of love and lightness in your heart. I found out today that my father passed away on Monday just gone and for the first few hours I was angry then sad then mad and angry again. Now I am angry because nobody told me. We had lost contact a while ago but I still deserved to be told. I’m so sad it’s heartbreaking how cruel some people can be but I know it’s for there own reasons and I accept it now. Life is so so unpredictable no matter what we do and what we practiced. I just want to say thank you Jason for all these years you have been through with me in a soul connection in this beautiful amazing universe. Peace and love to you all thank you for reading of you did 💜💜

  8. I have the flu i have not sleped all night my head hurts like hell my nose is clogged up my throat Is swollen rn Please wish me luck😭i hurt so bad

  9. ..not complaining but is there some kind of droning type noise in background? I have ear issues and seems to interfere with your nice voice! was looking for voice only 🙂

  10. Aww thank you this was playing when I turned on my Tv , thank you universe also as iv ben awake all night in pain , love your meditations and I'll be doing this tonight, love and light to all 💚 one love ❤️

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