Growing Cannabis: Harvest Time

hempharvest #hemp #growinghemp #cannabisharvest #growingcannabis This week I talk about, how I have been going about harvesting our plants. I will take …


  1. I was awakened assault rifles and many police officers. I had three nice gdp plants just days away from harvest one plant seemed more mature and was harvested however the other two were littrerally days away. Waited to long…….it was terrible…..the whole seen was like I was some huge coke dealer

  2. Awesome…you grow outdoors the same was as I do with the back/white plastic on the ground…..I am having an awesome Fall….last year had snow and freezing temperatures in early to mid September…..this year…into October and night time temps well above freezing….I am in SW Saskatchewan on the Prairie….and this has been the best season I have had yet.

  3. Outdoor grow gives very hi yield. But it is a hell of a lot of hard work. Not to mention the stress of worrying about thieves finding your grow. Great job btw.

  4. The wood technique..try using metal so you can scrap off the green stuff for hash.i found that pointer out on another channel of a lady scraping her scissors off and saving that residue for hash.

  5. We have had our plants both cbd and.thc outside in sunny high heat weather watered when they need it. They aren't growing tall like yours in your videos but they are.getting bushy. We have trimmed them and noticed they are getting wider but they aren't getting the height. Any tips

  6. They say you should not tell people to sup right away until we see the video instead say if you like it plz sub and like the video also say it at the end also adds time to the video

  7. Didn't learn anything. All you did was show what you got. If you would explain the process and answer some questions for people that would be a ton of info that folks like me really need

  8. Still waiting on the work…. Garden work to me is garden play… Play hard work hard live is good Thanks for your info…. I am growing hemp this year and man I love it….

  9. How many plants do you have?? Thinking of starting in Ohio this coming spring but right now the minimum is 1000 plants. Do you think that many is possible to do with one or two people?
    Also do you have any issues keeping the thc % under the legal limit???

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