Gov Wolf continues pushing for state to legalize recreational marijuana

Gov. Tom Wolf continued pushing state lawmakers to legalize recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania. Wolf spoke Tuesday morning from Monroe County about …


  1. Legalizing is a terrific idea. People are going to smoke regardless whether it is legal or not. That said.. more money will be made from selling it than ruining someone's life for using a substance everyone knows is safe and has been around for ages. But still continue to stay in the stone age with their opinions against marijuana . It should have never been illegal. Alcohol is a much more powerful substance than marijuana as well. Someone argue that I'm false. It may even prevent some people from being on hard drugs. It would certainly cut down on heroin at least I would really hope so. And pray. Weed is not the problem

  2. I can’t wait till it is recreational god dam taking to much time. all the mf against its legalization it’s fine, we are the new the new generation so either way it will be legalized and you’ll be dead so yea

  3. Hell yes! We need the $$ and sanity/stress reducer… mayb our roads will finally get done CORRECTLY (ha, they prolly still wont get attention)… anyway, other than $ gained it will also stop wasting $, time and resources on those prosecuted for it… stop ruining ppls lives over a little weed!
    P.s. bringing back hemp industry too will help alot

    Go Pensylvania Go,Virgina Go,New Mexico Go, Florida,Go, Arizona Go,Alabama Go,flip this Drug War against CANNABIS on its @ss!!!
    Look into Virginia's recent reforms and push for Legalization! Cops cant search Your Vehicle due to the smell of Marijuana!!!
    Social Reforms are coming. The way md if change is blowing through AMERICA!!!
    You've got about 2 Weeks. Do Your research find out Who is blocking Legalization in Your State. It's not too late!!!
    A good example is the Senator of Kentucky. The Senator from South Carolina,Lindsey Graham,Who is direct responsible for keeping South Carolina from Legalization. He is also 1 of the 3 People in Office,that is totally trying to block Legalization Nationally!!! Vote Him Out!
    He isn't the only One,do Your Homework before You go out and Vote! Nominally,Democrats are more supportive of Legalization,yet they have Conservative members also.
    If it seemed like Any was being food on by SC Lindsey Graham,She was!!! He is a Conservative!!! She is ,I'm pretty sure a Conservative ,REPUBLICAN!!! The reason Trump and the Communist REPUBLICAN PARTY OF AMERICA,wants Amy Cony in Office,is to ensure control of America by Thier Party!!! This is not good for Reforms or Changes,I don't feel!!! She will obey the REPUBLICAN PARTY,the Zionist s, and the Catholic Church but absolutely not the American People!!!

  5. 👮💥 @Tom Wolf, @Gretchen Whitmer
    Voter fraud = jail.
    Watch for voter fraud, record it when you see it, report it and expose it.
    Busted for voter fraud last 4 months:

    Military mail in ballots found in trash.

    2 weeks ago ballot harvesting busted

    4 months ago: mail in voter fraud NJ. A former judge of, elections pleads guilty

    4 people charged with mail in voter fraud stuffing ballots

    Mail man pleads guilty, voter fraud exposed

    Democrat charged in voter fraud

    134 felony charges of voter fraud.

    Watch for:
    Bloated voter rolls
    Ballot Harvesting
    Voting by non citizens, dead or pets.

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