PLEASE READ For those of you who may have been wondering if this process takes years , months , or days well it doesn’t . Last week i took a day trip to Los …


  1. San Diego county only recognizes THEIR MMIC Card as proof of medical condition, a prerequisite of such is a doctor's evaluation. MMJ vendors that lab test weed generally do not recognize pdf printouts as proof of medical condition and only accept county MMIC cards as such. They charge more to recoup the cost of lab testing, which can cost $400 a batch. It's nice to know what you are paying for. MMIC cards can actually pay for themselves over time as one can save @ 10% in taxes.

  2. I have people saying it’s not possible to purchase a medical marijuana card for 2 dollars. I have made a video on my channel on how to do it! If you don’t believe me call station 420 @ 5094522787 and ask how much it is!!

  3. Corona getting me high with the stay at home bullshit and I'm smoking my lungs out .lol just got my marijuana card anyways from +17192859179 and I have absolutely no worries

  4. So if you have kids living with you could you still get the card or is that a problem? And i also work with kids am a FacePainter so do i have to leave my card at home when working with children?

  5. Pennsylvania also offers a Pot Card. There's a specific list of things. What I like about it is anyone suffering from Opiate Dependency (aka anyone who is/was on heroin, trying to get off) you can get a Pot Card legally. Just trying to help. Anyone in PA. Peace. God bless!

  6. Ok Im on dialysis and I just had an open heart surgery will that qualify me cuz other than that I dont really have anything else that will qualify me?

  7. Thanks for sharing your experience. Its seems like a very straight forward process. I will be moving to the bay area and looking in get my card soon. Thanks

  8. I live in NJ I just have bad pains and foot pains. It's my first time trying to get my medical marijuana card any Suggestions. Thank you

  9. I was just approved for mm card and I live in the state of N.J. I understand your from Nevada and I’ve been there it’s a beautiful state. Is there any basic information you could give me about N.J. rules or regulations? I’ve watched other videos based specifically on N.J. but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask someone who’s already been through it. Thank you and happy toking. 👌🤝

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