Encephalitis (“Brain Inflammation”) Signs and Symptoms (& Why They Occur)

Encephalitis (“Brain Inflammation”) Signs and Symptoms (& Why They Occur) Encephalitis is a condition involving inflammation of the brain tissue that can be …


  1. I have rhinovirus and head concussion. How long will this last?! I have poor appetite, dizziness, weakness, headache, and lots of head pressure. And memory loss. It's been 20 days. Getting tiny better but not 100. I'm ok with light, and sounds but that's it.

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  4. My mother died due to swollen brain condition and the cause of death was undiagnosed. After watching this I feel this could be the reason. Does this causes tremors? My mother had neck tremors. Pls do reply if this is a symptom of this disease

  5. My 37 year old sister in law just died from this . She had the autoimmune type caused by a benign tumor. She was seen in urgent care a couple of times before and it was misdiagnosed as bladder and respiratory infections. When she initially was admitted she was put in the psychiatric unit for two days before she became unresponsive and went to ICU. So many mistakes 🥲

  6. My husband was born w encephalitis – he was given up for adoption and was in a Catholic orphanage in Cobble Hill Brooklyn until he was 18 months old. The first family that took him brought him back. He cried all the time. Then he was adopted by German and Irish parents who were wonderful. He grew up to be super smart so the concerns over him having mental retardation were ultimately unwarranted. It makes me sad that his parents gave him up because of encephalitis.

  7. Recently discharged from hospital with encephalitis. Primary symptom was altered blood in urine No urine infection but was given Trimethrapin which I swear caused the brain reaction. Been through the mill with clinicians unable to diagnose any causative organism, viral or bacterial. As I have had severe reactions to other antimicrobials, Trimethrapin should never have been prescribed and it can cause the hell I have survived. Absurdly, the doctors were not interested in the renal issue in spite of getting pitting oedema. I had to convince them a renal event had occurred.

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