Does Marijuana Cause Schizophrenia?

As legalization spreads throughout the developed world, the true health effects of cannabis are more important to understand than ever before. This video …


  1. When I was a teenager and was smoking a lot of weed. I was convinced 100% I was a reincarnated Jim Morrison. I had such a bad time getting high the last 2 years I smoked it felt like I was going nuts. So, there is a connection. But, I feel it's a link to another dimensional force that we are ignorant exists. Like DMT helpers and those just outside our normal frequency, I say be aware of what world you're getting into before you take up that spiritual practice. Marijuana, Acid, DMT, Mushrooms and all hallucinations aren't an effect created by you but access to a realm you should be aware of before you partake in that ritual. Think about it.

  2. its electronic harassment ,,I know people who have that v2k, its nasty shit, ,makes their lives hell with the voices, ,they went on disability because of it, and the doctor tells them they are schizophrenic ,when actually its electronic harassment, ,and the docs know this but wont tell the patient the truth

  3. The effects are varied, just like schizophrenia is different from one sufferer to the next. I know of a young man who had his first psychosis after he started using. Nobody ever made a connection, because he was hiding it from his parents, but his peers knew. And he commited suicide only two years later, while high.
    That being said, many others would probably tell you it helps alleviate the symptoms.

  4. The flower is safe. The dabs or concentrate if done daily will in due time cause you all kinds of mental problems. I'd love to tell my story to help others not take my path. I am 7 months sober and I have my most average normal life back.

  5. I feel like back in the 90s weed was safe and natural. Now in 2021 weed has become a drug. Thc is so high in the weed and there are all sorts of weird names for the different strains. I remember when police would arrest you for having 1 joint. Now the goverenment made it legal to control the market and make money off of it. In a few years when the new generation develops mental illness from this legal cannibus i wobder what the goverments excuse will be.

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