DAPHENO Hemp Oil Review 🤔 | MODELONES Acrylic Giveaway 🙌🏽 | New PRODUCTS sneek peek 👀

HEMP OIL Here’s more info about the hemp oil for your reference: Mainly, the hemp oil is taken orally and it also can be used as cuticle oil. Also, here are 10 …


  1. Girlll! I swear I hit that like button, youtube is not showing how many likes your video has, the thumbs up goes darker rather than showing how many liked the video.

  2. O WOW how awesome I would love to try this hemp cuticle oil👀😍 🙋‍♀️ Nikki ty for all your amazing creative nails 💅 and all the time and effort you put into the videos you post for us, and especially these giveaways 😍 nail supplies aren't cheap so this is so awesome ty so much love 😍 as always ty

  3. Hi maam nikki please help im having a trouble curing yayoge builder gel it has a black lid on. It doesnt cure even i leave on 2minutes my lamp is 36w led/uv lamp please anyone??

  4. Oh, I like the brush! You are bomb Nikki! I appreciate the way you do give aways! Suzie at NCE did a give away, what a mess! She never did announce winners or post who won. 🤷
    P S. I dropped your channel name as a good example of how give away winners should be announced-love your channel!

  5. That oil looks amazing. Congrats to the winners🎉 The modelones pens look good since they actually have enough chrome on the cushion. Venalisa and bp does not.
    Tfs chick💜💖

  6. Thank you Ant and Nikki… congratulations 🎊 to all the winners. I'm so excited!! I can't wait to use it. Happy early birthday to me. That oil looks amazing and so do those chrome pens

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