1. I'm a 58 year old Republican. I think our elected Republicans need to get on board with marijuana d
    Legalization. Because prohibition is a failed policy that is costing our country billions to enforce. The prohibition of this soft drug does much more harm. By disqualifying a huge group of bright young people. Because they have a criminal record for simple posession. Prohibition of pot does much more harm to people than the drug itself does. Besides the fact that the party could attract moderate liberal to become Republicans if they would legalize weed and put that political point behind them.

  2. His argument comparing it to alcohol and saying it normalizes it in the minds of teenagers is ridiculous. Sure it does but compared to alcohol, its not near as dangerous your not gonna overdose for one and yeah some people get more of a psychoactive effect but i guarantee they arnt going to try and drive anywhere feeling like that but kids get drunk and get confident.

  3. Damn this kinda changed the way I see this guy because obviously he knows that marijuana being criminal literally ruined thousands of Hispanic and black peoples lives in the past. Biden supported policies that incarcerated way more ppl of color when he was in the Senate. All these guys are the same😡 how tf does slow policy making; especially on topics that are obviously people's right to choose to do, make it better for us ordinary people. Make it the same as alcohol at fed level. Don't waste no more time pls.

  4. I'm conservative on almost all issues but this is where they lose me . My one question would be towards anyone with that view is this .Whats your answer? War on drugs didn't work billions speant we have more drugs available than ever.Gateway drug is bs. Alcohol is a gateway drug should we ban that? If anything will make you think eh let me try that drug its alcohol 100% just like a lot of poor decisions are made while drinking. You cannot convince me some 20 year old kid walking down the road with his headphones on has a little bit of weed is a criminal but you insure him to become one after he is put in jail or prison with real criminals.Police state possibly could stop it do you want that?I don't even though its looks like we are closer than ever to becoming one

  5. I smoke pot most the day and I work I take care of my family and I Know I do a dam good job 😊, I wouldnt be the man I am without it I would be so dam closed off. Thank you weed 🥰🥰🥰

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