CBD what to look for | CBD full spectrum / broad spectrum cbd oil + cbd skincare

CBD shopping tips!!! What to look out for, what to avoid AND my top favorite CBD brands and products at the moment. CBD skincare is everywhere, get onboard.


  1. We need the content that you have on your TikTok heeeere pleaaase
    I wanna see more and more of skin care world from u
    Or a pamper routine or even your face mask collection
    Best serums you’ve used
    EVERYTHING 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍✨✨✨

  2. Cbd took my skin to a whole new level. I get my CBD flower from bud vault. I notice instant youth in my skin within a week smoking it. People just keep asking me now why my skin look so regal and why am I looking younger suddenly. If you see my video about cbd you can see my skin is glowing.

  3. Great info! We use a full-spectrum blend for the entourage effect of cannabionids amplifying one another, with terpenes and flavonoids too. In our topicals, tinctures and all goods. 🙂

  4. Right now Sephora has a Sephora favorites CBD kit for 36. With the trail size 39$ st. Jane serum & herbivore oil, prima bath bomb, lord jones body lotion, flora+bast serum & the Josie Moran morrocan cbd oil. Good amount of oz. the the price tag of the full products. Fell in love with the flora so far, the herbivore is already my fav. Day oil

  5. I tried the Flora + Bast serum and the sleep tincture based on your recommendations and they really work! I especially love the sleep tincture. I was surprised because that stuff always claims it will help with sleep, blah blah, but this really quiets the head noise and it gets you relaxed. I am now using the full dropper. This will soon be an empty I will repurchase 🙂 That, and the serum, too!

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